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A walk in the park
On a cloudy evening
With skies in full bloom

A few days ago, after the rain, we headed to the park for our evening walk and right after we got there, Vesta rapped me on the shoulder as she pointed behind us and said, “Look, up in the sky!”

I turned, saw it, pointed my camera and said, “Is it a bird or a plane.”

“No,” she said, “it’s Superman.”

But we knew it wasn’t a bird and it wasn’t a plane and it sure as heck wasn’t Superman, cuz he’s about as real as Santa Claus. However, it was something.

Maybe a missile sent off from a secret airbase, shooting down a high flying Russian Spy plane. Or a secret satellite killer rocket sent up to take out an out of control telecommunications satellite which was at this very moment crashing down to earth about to obliterate San Rafael Park and us too.

And if the latter is the case, thank you United States Government for saving our lives.

Or maybe it was a super-sized rocket with an A bomb warhead sent up to take out a killer astroid which would’ve thrown Earth into a new ice age after it killed every living thing on Earth except cock roaches.

Or maybe it was aliens, blasting back off into space, because they didn’t like it very much here, which I can’t imagine, cuz I like it a lot.

Or maybe a new deity most of us are yet to be aware of was ascending into heaven. Or maybe Superman and Santa Claus are real and it was one of them. Probably Superman, cuz Christmas is pretty far away. Yeah, we’re going with Superman.

To see a sunrise
Each one better than the last
Warms the heart and soul

Sundown on the Bride
As she rambles and reflects
On a happy day

We long for bare trees
Even as we long for leaves
Are we ever pleased?

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