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For the Winners of our February 27th Bridal Show Drawing

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If you’re reading this page, you were at the bridal show in Long Beach on February 27th and you are one of the winners of our drawing, so congratulations to you from me and Vesta, because you won a thousand dollars off our $3500 bridal package, plus a free sunset, beach engagement shoot.

We do these engagement sessions at Huntington Beach, by the pier. And we usually meet in front of Duke’s, which is a restaurant right at the start of the pier. So we’re easy to find, because we look just like the photos of us on this website, plus we’ll have cameras hanging from our shoulders.

We do these sessions at Huntington Beach, because they don’t charge a photographer’s fee to shoot there.

However, if you do want to have your engagement shoot somewhere else, we’ll take 50% off our $400 paid engagement fee. So, if you wanted your shoot done at Griffith Park, for example, it wouldn’t be free. But, even so $200 is a good deal.

Still, free is better. And Huntington Beach is a lovely place to have your engagement shoot done.

So, if you’d like to schedule the engagement shoot you won, you can call Vesta at 541 773-3373.

And once again, you’ve also won a thousand dollars off our bridal package and that offer is good if you book your wedding in 2022. That doesn’t mean you have to get married this year, but you do have to book it before the year is over, like ten months from now.

We have your date free now and we may not book it, but if we do, then obviously we can’t photograph your wedding. But we do have your name on our winner’s list and it won’t go away till next year.

Best to you,

Ken and Vesta

PS. If you’re not interested, because you already have a photographer for your wedding, please just respond by saying something like, “not interested.” We would greatly appreciate it and we won’t be offended.

If you scroll down below, you can find some photos from our Huntington Beach engagement sessions.

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