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Sami and Hunter

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We first met Sami and Hunter when we did their engagement session in Reno’s San Rafael Park on a snowy afternoon. It was plenty cold, but the skies were overcast and we got some wonderful pictures of Sami in a slight snow flurry.

Flash forward a year and we were on our way to Weim’s winery in Temecula. We headed down a day before their wedding and checked into a motel in Temecula’s Old Town, which would be a great place for a vacation.

The next morning, Saturday and wedding day was bright and sunny as we drove to the winery, where both Sami and Hunter got ready. The rooms provided by the winery were as nice as any we’ve ever seen and we spent a couple hours in them going back and forth between the bride and groom’s quarters taking pictures.

The ceremony went off without a hitch and the formal photos did too. Then it was on to the reception, which was onsite. The party lasted well into the night with Sami and Hunter dancing right up till the end of the evening, with us photographing it all.

Sami was a gorgeous bride and Hunter a handsome groom and they are just about as photogenic as a couple can get. The winey is too. Put them together and you have a photographer’s dream. Just check out the photos below of them with these giant stainless steel wine vats and you’ll see we’re telling you ture.

Also, one nice thing about a winery wedding is that you be be assured your guests are going to be drinking fine wine, though I must say it was pretty expensive, at least the two bottle of Cab we bought at a little over forty bucks a bottle were. Yeah, for us, forty bucks is a little over our limit for a bottle of wine, but then we spend a lot of time searching out really good wine for a lot less.

Still, we planned on staying in town for a couple days after the wedding and we did enjoy the wine before we drove the five hundred miles back up to Reno. But Temecula is wine country and we went home with two cases of really good wine, with every licking sticking one of those twenty-four bottles costing less than than twenty bucks, most closer to ten. It can be done if you really like wine and work at it a little.

But expensive wine notwithstanding, it was a wonderful wedding capped off by a wonderful reception. We enjoyed every minute of it, right along with the bride and groom and their guests.

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