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Day 271, Juan.

Untitled photo
Here is Juan at 7:00 out on our bridge, with the new Virginia Street Bridge in the background. We gto there at a minute till and no sooner had we parked, then Juan pulled up on the other side of the street and got out of his car, to check out the river, which has WATER in it and lots of it and it’s about time.

Vesta and I crossed the street and I asked Juan if I could take his picture and he immediately posed with the new bridge behind him. He didn’t even ask why, but as usual, I told him anyway.

After I made the photograph, Vesta gave him our card and we talked about the river for a bit and Juan told us he came to Reno in the year of the flood and we talked about that.

Vesta asked him what he did for a living and he said he owned a Mexican restaurant in Sparks on McCarran and he invited us for lunch. So we’re going to be there at 1:00. If you’re in the mood for Mexican, come on down, we’d be glad to see you.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, The name of Juan’s restaurant is: Candelaria’s and the address is: 654 N. McCarran Blvd. And it’s in Sparks.

Day 272, Taylor.

Untitled photo
Here is Taylor out in our snowy street at 7:00 in the morning. When we raised our garage door this morning, it was snowing to beat the band and we had six inches in our driveway. We knew, because it was Sunday and because of the snow, our bridge would most likely be deserted.

But we had to get a face, so we closed the door and set out on foot to find someone and we saw Taylor, the only living soul in sight. She was cleaningthe snow off her windshield.

“Let’s get her,” Vesta said and we started in her direction.

But just as we closed the distance between us, she got in her car and started it.

“Good morning,” I said.

“Morning.” She got out of her car and I told her about our project and she let me take her picture.

When Vesta asked her why she was up and about so early, she said she and her sister, who are students at UNR, were going up to Squaw Valley to go skiing.

“In this weather?”

“I’ve got four wheel drive.” She pointed to her SUV.

Then I saw her Ski Championship hat and I figured out that she probably was pretty good at driving in the snow.

So we got our photo and we came home, where we plan on celebrating Vesta’s birthday, snug as a bugs in a rug.

Untitled photo
Vesta and I went back after we made Taylor’s photograph, but she went on up to Squaw and did this with two of her friends. How cool is this photograph? Way cool, that’s how cool it is.

Day 273, Vicky.

Untitled photo
Here is Vicky out on our bridge on a very, very cold Reno morning. It snowed six or seven inches yesterday, then it warmed up, melting a lot of it, then at night, it dropped down to 18°F and froze, leaving our roads covered in black ice.

And as one who’s had two accidents cuz of black ice, I respect it. Vicky does too, cuz when Vesta asked her why she was out and about on such a cold morning, she said she was on her way to work to collect her paycheck and she said she was walking cuz it was too dangerous to drive.

Smart lady.

Vicky is the housekeeping graveyard supervisor at the Silver Legacy, so if you’re staying there and you happen to see her wandering around the floors, checking to make sure everything is in order for the guests, tell her Ken says hi.

Day 274, Nichole and Victor.

Untitled photo
Here are Nichole and Victor on 1st in Downtown Reno at 7:15. Vesta and I were on 1st cuz all of the people who came passing by on our bridge this morning had all ready been enshrined in our project.

Well, all except for this one lady who works in the courthouse. She’s told us she likes looking at our photos. And she congratulated us the morning after we were on television. And she’s always very friendly. But she never says yes.

Vesta told her she only had like ninety days left and she smiled, but she didn’t say yes.

Ah well, maybe she will sometime in the next three months.

As for Nichole and Victor, they said yes straightaway and when Vesta asked ‘em how come they were out so early, they said they were going to court and I just said, “Ouch.” Cuz today when you get a ticket, it’s a lot of money.

Day 275, Mark.

Untitled photo
This is Mark, who Vesta and I captured as he was about to enter the Palladio in Downtown Reno. He was just back from the gym and was glad to let us take his photo. Then he was in his building and gone, so we really don’t know anything else about him.

Except, of course, that he’s the kind of man who doesn’t let the morning’s biting cold keep him from working out. And when I say “biting cold,” I mean it was cold, really cold. Way to cold for really, really stupid photographers to be out and about.

Day 276, Blanco Snow.

Untitled photo
This is Mark, who Vesta and I captured as he was about to enter the Palladio in Downtown Reno. He was just back from the gym and was glad to let us take his photo. Then he was in his building and gone, so we really don’t know anything else about him.

Except, of course, that he’s the kind of man who doesn’t let the morning’s biting cold keep him from working out. And when I say “biting cold,” I mean it was cold, really cold. Way to cold for really, really stupid photographers to be out and about.

Untitled photo
Here's the full body shot, that Blanco wanted. He certainly is a handsome snowman.

Untitled photo
And here's that photo of Blanco on stage that he wanted me to take, cuz, he said, he might not be there forever and he wanted to remember it the way it was. You know, in case he melted or something.

Day 277, Winter and Christen.

Untitled photo
Here are Winter and Christen on the Sierra Street Bridge with the New Virginia Street Bridge in the background.

Vesta and I got to our bridge a bit early, so we took some photos of the river and cars passing by and the new bridge. And after fifteen minutes or so, we decided to move on, even though it was just coming up on 7:00.

And then this car stops and a girl with a camera gets out. Yep, a girl with a camera. Vesta tapped my shoulder and said, “Her.”

And we crossed the street as Camera Girl was taking a picture of the new bridge. When she finished, I told her about our project and asked could I take her picture.

“Can my boyfriend be in the picture?”

“Sure,” I said and Winter got Christen outta the car and I made the photograph.

Are they a cute couple or what?

Day 278, Part 1, Fernando.

Untitled photo
Here is Fernando talking on the phone.

When we got to our bridge, it was void of souls and there were none in sight, except for our friend Michael, who we met as he was on his way to the gym. As we’d photographed him before, he wasn’t a candidate.

So we decided to shoot one of the bridge guys. When we got to the construction site, there were a group of them and I asked this one guy and he said he was camera shy. I asked another and he said he was illegal, then he got a phone call and crossed the street to take it.

We followed, I asked him again, he nodded and I took the photo. Vesta asked his name and he told us. Then we said goodbye, cuz he was, you know, talking to somebody else on the phone.

Day 278, Part 2, William.

Untitled photo
Here is William who we came across as he was out walking by the river.

After we made our morning photo, Vesta wanted to drive around downtown and take photos of motel signs, as she’s doing all the art deco type ones as a project on her Facebook page, so if you’re interested, you might want to check her page out. Just click on this blue Vesta link.

Anyway, after she photographed a few signs, we went back to the river, cuz I needed a photo for my “A Novel In the Works” story tonight. After I got that, we just started taking pictures of anything and everything.

“What are you doing?” this guy said.

“Taking pictures,” Vesta said.

“I can see that, but of what?”

“Just stuff,” Vesta said.

“Why don’t you take mine?”

“I could do that,” I said and I took his picture and that’s why we have a Part Two today.

Day 279, Errol.

Untitled photo
This is Errol, standing in front of Harrah’s. He came to Reno for the game, you know the one. He’s a Panther fan, who was awful gosh darned happy when Vesta and I came across him. It’s like the Panthers had already won and his wallet was flush with a whole bunch of new cash.

You know, when you meet someone this happy, even if you’re only with them for the time it takes to make a photograph, it puts a smile on your face that can last the whole day.

Day 280, Marlin.

Untitled photo
Here is Marlin. Vesta and I met him Downtown, near the Reno Sign. He was walking with his head down, like he was in a hurry.

“Excuse me,” I said. “We have this project,” and I went on to tell him about it, ending with, “and it’s cold outside and we can’t go home till we make somebody’s photograph.”

“You can make mine,” he said and I did.

“Now all I need from you is your first name,” I said.

“Marlin,” he said.

“Like the fish?”

“My dad was a fisherman and he had a sense of humor.” He laughed.

“What are you doing out so early on this cold day?” Vesta said.

“Walking, it’s good for the soul.”

“It sure is,” Vesta said. And then we said goodbye and Marlin went on his way, still walking like he was in a hurry. And I suppose, if you want to get the benefit out of an early morning walk, you gotta walk like Marlin does, like you mean it.

“We should start walking a around the park before dinner again, like we used to,” Vesta said.


“Yeah, because, you know, it’d be good for our souls.” She laughed, “And for your tummy too.”

Day 281, Mark.

Untitled photo
Here is Mark, who came walking along, walking his dog named Bear at the very second that we parked on our bridge.

Vesta didn’t have to ask him what he was doing out at 7:00 on such a cold morning, cuz it was obvious.

We talked for just a few seconds, then just as I said goodbye, Vesta said, “Photograph Bear,” so I did.

Untitled photo
And here is Bear. Just look at him, he’s cute, but in those eyes, can you see it, the bear inside. You can also see me and Vesta.

We I encountered him as he was out walking his master. And he was more than happy to have his photograph made.

Day 282, Nathan.

Untitled photo
Here is Nathan, who Vesta and I approached right after we got to our bridge. He was obviously a runner and we usually don’t get a chance to photograph them, because, well because they’re running.

However, Nathan appeared to be selecting music on his phone, so he was stationary, right in front of the theater.

And straightaway he said we could make his photograph.

Afterward, Vesta asked him how far he ran each day and said, usually about two miles, but sometimes three and sometimes four. He doesn’t do the greater distances too often, because it would be too hard on his body.

Still, only two mile running, that seems like a lot to me. Jogging, maybe, but running? Fast? Yikes?

Day 283, Josh.

Untitled photo
Here is Josh, who is an Iron Worker and a proud member of Local 118. Right now he’s working on the new Virginia Street Bridge, which should be finished in May and Vesta and I can hardly wait.

We have been out in the Dawn’s Early Light, watching the progress for just about everyday of both the destruction of the old bridge and the construction of the new one and we’re pretty excited about taking a photograph or two at sunrise on the new one when it’s finished.

Day 284, Joshua.

Untitled photo
Here is Joshua out on our bridge at 6:50 this morning and I want to say right off the bat, we need more humans like him in Reno. Actually the whole North, West and Eastern part of America would benefit with more people like him.

The South, well they got folks like Josh all over the police. You know, folks who treat others with a modicum of respect and politeness.

Josh called me sir, called Vesta ma’am, had his hand out for me to shake before I got mine up.

What’s so hard about that? They know how to do that in Louisiana and Alabama and Georgia and North and South Carolina too.

When someone’s polite, you can’t help but be polite back. And you can’t help but like ‘em right off the bat.

I didn’t detect a Southern accent when we were talking with Josh, but we didn’t talk long, so maybe he is from the South or maybe his parents just raised him right, cuz he put a smile on my day, Vesta’s too.

Day 285, Part 1, Brinda and Gus.

Untitled photo
Here are Brianda and Gus. We found them this morning on the corner of West and Second, leaving the little stop and rob liquor store, which is across the street from where we used to live when we lived downtown.

Vesta and I were a little off our beaten path, because it was Saturday and like a lotta Saturdays, our bridge was in the middle of a ghost town. Usually, when we leave the bridge, cuz no one is there, we head toward the Reno Sign, cuz we can always get someone by the sign.

But today, we headed the opposite way, walking along the river. When we got to West, we headed north and saw two very colorful and quite large gentlemen headed our way, both wearing Cincinnati Reds hats and shirts.

And they saw us too, so they crossed over to the other side of the street. So we did too. They crossed back and we did too. Then they decided to walk down the center of the street and so we did too.

When we got to them, they asked us how our night was going.

“Just fine,” Vesta said.

“Well then have a good night,” one of them said and they moved on. These two giants were so drunk they didn’t even realize it wasn’t dark anymore. They’d been at it all night and I’m betting they’ll still be at it when it gets dark again.

About a minute later we came across Brianda and Gus and we made their photograph.

Day 285, Part 2, Natalie and Raymor.

Untitled photo
And here are Natalie and Raymor. They came out of the liquor store just as we finished photographing their friends. Raymor is a photographer and that alone was a good reason for Vesta and me to want to make their photo. And they came from San Francisco with Brianda and Gus. So since they were together, that too, woulda been a good reason for a Part 2. And two good reasons is enough.

Day 286, Patrick.

Untitled photo
Here is Patrick. He’s a runner and he’s the second one Vesta and I have been able to capture out on our bridge. There’s really only one way for us to add them to our gallery of faces. They have to be stopped.

In this case, Patrick was just getting ready to start his run when we made his photograph. Afterward, Vesta asked him how far he runs every day and he said he did six miles, because he’s training for a marathon in July.

Can you imagine, running six miles every morning?

“You’re probably in pretty good shape,” I said.

“Yes,” was all he said.

And then he nodded and took off. And he wasn’t jogging. Heck, if I ran that fast just down to the corner, I’d probably have a heart attack.

Day 287, Brian.

Untitled photo
Here is Brian, who works at the parking structure across from the theaters in Downtown Reno. Brian is an avid Star Trek and Star Wars fan, and if you’re not, you should be. Oh, I don’t mean you need to know all the characters and their backstory, but you should, at the very least, have seen all the movies.

And if you haven’t, you could. I’m betting you’d like ‘em.

Brian worked graveyard last night and was just off work and about to catch the bus, so we gave him a ride. After all, it only seemed fair, he let us take his photo.

And just so you know, we got some great words of wisdom from Brian, wordsVesta and I completely agree with. And they are:

Bow Ties are Cool.

Day 288, Brad.

Untitled photo
Here is Brad, who we found out and about walking his dogs at 6:45 this morning. We saw him right after we got downtown and as soon as I told him about our project, he said we could take his photograph.

Usually, Vesta asks our victims why they’re out so early, but in Brad’s case it was pretty obvious.

On another note: We check out the new bridge every morning and it really is growing on me and as I’ve said before, I’m pretty surprised, cuz I absolutely hated the design when I first saw it. Now I can hardly wait till Vesta and I can walk across it and make photographs on it.

Day 289, Paul.

Untitled photo
Here is Paul out on the Sierra Street Bridge at a quarter to seven this morning. When we got to the bridge, we were surprised when we got out of the car by a blast of warm wind.

“Feels like the Caribbean,” I said.

“I like it,” Vesta said.

“If only it could last.” I saw Paul coming from the south. “Let’s get him.” So we crossed the street and Paul was glad to oblige. He works at the Legacy Vacation Club, which, if you’re coming to Reno for a vacation, you might wanna check out, cuz you could maybe save a few bucks.

After making Paul’s photograph and saying goodbye to him, we decided we didn’t wanna go home right away, cuz the weather was so doggone nice. So we took some bridge pictures, then we drove around looking for vintage motel signs, Vesta hasn’t already photographed and we found three.

Sadly, I fear this wonderful weather we’re getting right now, thanks to El Niño is not gonna last. I’ve been told another storm is coming, but I’ve blindly refused to check the weather on my computer, cuz I just don’t wanna know for real.

Day 290, Charles.

Untitled photo
Here is Charles, who Vesta and I found on the corner of Sierra and Second Street, just a block north of our bridge. Vesta and I waited on the bridge in the snow for about five minutes, then we headed up Sierra to the gym, where there are always people coming and going at all hours.

Charles goes there every day at 5:00 and since we caught him at 7:00, it’s pretty easy to figure out that he works out for two hours. Vesta and I just started walking again last week, the cold put a damper on our fitness schedule, but the scale told us it’s time to get off our butts.

Anyway, when we opened the garage door we found light snow falling from the sky, so I salted the driveway, just incase it got worse. The ride downtown was uneventful and it didn’t seem all that cold. After we took Charles’ photo, we decided to wander around and take more, cuz everything was wedding dress white, getting whiter and gorgeous.

We stayed out for about twenty minutes, by the river, snapping away like kids with their first cameras having a gay old time. Then I looked over at the car and saw that it was covered in snow, as were we.

“Time to go,” I said.

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” Vesta said.

We got in the car, started it up, waited for the defrost and the wipers to clear a path for our eyes, then we were off, driving about six miles an hour up Ralston. About halfway home, the wimpy wheels on our wimpy car started spinning as we tried to go up an upgrade about one-third of one percent. This upgrade was so slight you couldn’t even tell you were going up, but our Yaris knew and it didn’t like it.

Pretty quick I figured out we weren’t gonna make it, so I turned right to let the wheels get a little traction and then turned back to the incline you could barely notice and though the wheels started spinning again, we made it up. Then we continued on at an Earth shattering three or four miles an hour, running all the stop signs, cuz I figured out if we stopped, we’d be spinning when we started up.

We made it and because I’d dumped all that salt on the driveway, we made it into the garage and now I’m sitting here typing this.

Day 291, Tom.

Untitled photo
Here is Tom from Illinois out in the Dawn’s Early Light. We found him on this chilly cold morning near Harrah’s on Virginia Street. As usual, when it’s cold, we don’t wait very long on our bridge, before wandering over to the Reno Sign to look for a person to photograph.

And the Sign never disappoints, there’s always somebody there to capture.

Tom’s a tourist, who just got into Reno last night, so he missed the snow yesterday and that was great snow. It did what Vesta and I like snow to do. It came down heavy and long enough for us to take good photographs, then it promptly melted and went away.

Day 292, Kenley and Ryan.

Untitled photo
Here are Kenley and Ryan, who are from Spokane, out on our bridge at exactly 7:00 this morning. However, they were not there when Vesta and I showed up at 6:30, which is our new time, because the Dawn’s Early Light has change her hour. Sunup is now around half past six.

So, discovering our bridge void of souls, we started toward the Reno Sign as we usually do and on Virginia, in front of Harrah’s we spied Kenley and Ryan talking to a trash collector in front of his big trash collection truck. We saw the trash man point south and they started off at a fast walk, but I stopped them with a question.

You know the one.

And they said yes. And after I made the photograph, I asked them what their hurry was. And Kenley said, “We’re only gonna be in Reno a short time and we might never come back, so we want to see it all.”

“So where are you rushing off to,” Vesta said.

“The river, we wanna see the river,” she said and they were off.

And Vesta and I followed at a slower pace, but we found them again, on our bridge, right across the street from where we parked our chicken little Toyota Yaris that doesn’t like to go uphill in the snow.

And since they were on our bridge, I asked could I make their photo again and they said yes and here it is.

Day 293, Bob.

Untitled photo
Meet Bob, who Vesta and I captured as he was walking his dog, Sam on Sierra at a quarter to seven this morning. When we got to our bridge, it was a bit cold, 34°F, so we decided to start walking toward the Reno Sign, when we spied Bob up Sierra headed our way, so we headed toward him.

And when I told him about our project, he was glad to have his photo taken and Sam posed too (You can see Sam in the photo below).

“So do you have a Facebook account?” Vesta asked.

“No,” Bob said. She asked him that, cuz if they say yes, I can tell them how to see their photo.

I moved in close to Bob, said under my breath, like a spy might talk to a spy without wanting anyone to overhear, “Over a billion people have Facebook accounts.”

“And that’s exactly why I don’t.” He gave me a look.

“Wait! Hold that look, let me get another shot.” And I took another picture. Then I showed it to him.

“That’s my, oh shit, I gotta pick up Sam’s poop look.” He laughed. Then he told us not all dog owners pick up after their pets and I told him we knew. “And if you want to see something worse than doggie poop on the sidewalk, just go a block up the street.”

“What’ll we find?” Vesta said.

“Some guy had too much to drink and left his dinner all over the ground.” He put on a disgusted face. “He had Italian last night. Looks like penne pasta with red sauce and a salad, maybe caesar.”

“Good thing we’re not going that way,” Vesta said.

“It is,” Bob said. Then we shook hands and said goodbye.

PS: That thing under Bob’s eye is a tear. But he wasn’t crying, it was from the chilly cold.

Untitled photo

And here is Sam. A friendlier dog you have never met.

Day 294, Sandy.

Untitled photo
Here is Sandy, who Vesta and I ran into as she was leaving the gym. She was the first person we saw after we parked on the bridge. Right away, we headed north on Sierra, cuz it was chilly willy cold. When we saw Sandy, she said yes straightaway.

She lives downtown, in the Palladio, which is a high rise by the river. We lived in a deluxe apartment in the sky downtown for a year and living downtown was an experience and an awful lot of fun. There’s lots of stuff going on and we participated in almost all of it.

If you live in Reno and don’t go downtown very much, you should. It’s fun. If you live real far away, like in Paris or Rome or Tokyo or Beijing or New York or Madrid or any other of the world’s great cities, you should come to Reno, cuz it’s fun. In fact, if you live anywhere in the whole wide world other than Reno, you should stop on by, cuz Reno really is a big batch of fun.

Day 295, Gregory.

Untitled photo
Here is Gregory, we met him in Downtown Reno at 6:45 this morning and when I look at this photo all I can think of saying is, “Oh the stories he could tell.”

Day 296, Chris.

Untitled photo
Meet Chris, who we met on our bridge at sunrise this morning. He was on his way to work, but he kindly consented to let us make his photograph.

Day 297, Austin.

Untitled photo
Here is Austin. He came strolling by on our bridge just as we were parking our car. So Vesta, who was eager to go over and talk to the construction works on the New Virginia Street Bridge, jumped out of the car, saying “Can we take your picture,” before her feet hit the curb.

“Sure,” Austin said and I got out and made the photograph.

Vesta asked him what he was doing out so early and he said talking a walk.

I wanted to say, “Duh,” but he held his hand out so I shook it, then Vesta did and he said goodbye.

Then he added, “Have a nice day.” And then he was gone.

Day 298, Destiny.

Untitled photo
Here is Destiny, out on our bridge this morning. She came by at 7:00, talking on the phone. She looked up when she got close to me and Vesta and I pantomimed taken her picture.

“Hold on a second,” she said into the phone, but I’d already made the photograph.

Then Vesta gave her our card and she told her about our project, concluding by saying, “Hey, those are great shoes.“

I checked ‘em out and sure enough, they were great shoes.

Then we said goodbye and Destiny continued on her way and we walked over to check out the work on the new bridge. It’s coming along great and looking better and better everyday.

Untitled photo
And here is photograph of Destiny’s feet inside those great shoes.

Day 299, Martha.

Untitled photo
This morning’s face on our bridge is Martha. Like Destiny yesterday, Martha came by talking on the phone and like with Destiny, I held up my camera and pantomimed taking a photo and Martha told her party to hold on, cuz she was being photographed.

After I made the picture, Vesta asked her why she was out and about so early and she said she was in town from Philadelphia for a conference on education.

Vesta gave her a card and told her where to find her face on Facebook and Martha told the person she was talking to what had just happened. Then she said goodbye and we did too.

It is amazing the people we see so early in the morning. Folks from all walks of life enjoying the day as the sun comes up. It’s kinda nice.

Day 300, Chris.

Untitled photo
This is Chris, who we found sitting on his bike on First Street in Downtown Reno. He said he was in a hurry when Vesta asked if we could take his picture. In fact, after I clicked the shutter, he said he had to go and he took off.

So we know absolutely nothing about him, except that he can peddle a bike very fast.

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