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Dayle and Dan

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Hello, Dayle and Dan,

Ken here. Your photos are finished and to get them all you have to do is click on any photo below this message and once you get to where that takes you, all you have to do is click on any photo, except the one above this message, and you’ll be taken to your gallery.

Once you’re in the gallery, just click on the download link in the upper righthand corner and all the photos will go onto your computer -- hope you like them.

We’ve given you a lot more photos than we usually give on an engagement shoot and that’s because for most of them the ocean was in the background and the waves were different on everyone, so every photo was different, even though a lot look very similar. And if I had to decide which one of a set to give you, it would take me forever.

And you might have noticed that I replaced the boring white sky. I don’t usually do that, but this setting seemed perfect for that and again, I hope you like them.

It’s no secret that we’d love to photograph your wedding and it’s also no secret that we’re expensive. However, we wanna photograph your wedding so badly, that we’ll drop $1000 off our price.

And lastly, not only is this the only time we’ll bug you about using us for your wedding (we hate bugging people, so this message will self destruct in a couple days), but the photos will stay for a couple months or so (maybe longer) so you can give the link to family and friends if you want, but just know, if you do that, they could download them too. We don’t care if you don’t.

The very best to you both from me and Vesta

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