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Long Beach People

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When we lived in Reno, we did a thousand and one day photography project. Everyday for that many days, we went downtown at sunrise to photograph a stranger. It seemed easy when we started, but we hadn’t reckoned on winter. And boy does it get cold during winter in Northern Nevada. Very cold.

But somehow—despite below freezing cold, icy roads, slippery sidewalk ice and a will chill factor that would make a penguin run to Target looking for a heater—we did it.

Now we live in Long Beach by the beach and we’re doing a similar project. We don’t know if we’ll make it to as many days as our Reno project, but what we do know is that this one is going to be easier, because we’re doing it at the beach at sundown, instead of sunrise. And, of course, there is no snow at the beach in Southern California.

To view the photos in this project, please click on the thumbnails below, because under each thumbnail, we have twenty-five days of strangers we met on our evening strolls. And some of them have become or may become friends. 

Also, the most recent photos will be under the thumbnail on the upper left.

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