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The Best Pub on Earth

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Once there was a place called Tronix and for a period of three years, Vesta and I went there fifty times and looking back, I wish we’d’ve gone more often. But there you go, hindsight is always better.

But who knew Reno would shut ‘em down. And what a loss for the city it was, because Tronix was not only the Greatest Pub on Earth, it was a safe place for children between eighteen and eighty-eight to go and dance, gay or straight, because the security was so good.

If you were a mom or dad and your kids were at Tronix, they were safe and you can’t say that about a lotta places, even though Reno was and still is, a pretty safe town, considering.

But someone at the city council got their knickers in a bunch about eighteen year olds being in the same room with older folks, dancing and having fun. Never mind that Tronix never had a problem with serving only soft drinks to the younger than twenty-one set.

The powers that be okayed it when they moved to the larger location, then changed their minds a couple years later. Well, you know how it is, small minded people like to run other people’s lives.

So Tronix is gone now and everybody who used to work there, drink there and dance there, including Vesta and me, have moved on. We live by the beach in Southern California now, but if I had to wager, I’d bet we’d still be in Reno if the Greatest Pub on Earth was still operational.

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