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Reno Provisions Event

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A while back, Vesta and I went to a Yelp Appreciation Event at Reno Provisions. This wasn't our first time there, as we used to live right across the street before we moved to MidTown. Here's the deal about that place, it's a great place to spend happy hour, because these guys, unlike some others downtown, don't try to rob your wallet with their prices.

That's right, you can get fair prices downtown.

And you can have a fun evening out too. We like to sit, sip red wine and watch the people stroll on by. It's a great way to spend an early evening before you go out to dinner.


You can eat right there. The faire is to die for.

Then you can have an after dinner drink before you head on home, but be sure to drink responsibly. We always walk, cuz MidTown, where we live, is only ten minutes away by foot, so if we have one too many to drive, it's okay.

And, we learned you can get married there. Because Vesta and I are wedding photographers, we're always interested in different venue locations and you know what we found out, they have very, very nice venue pricing. So, if you're a bride, check out Reno Provisions. You can call Kelly there and she'll be glad to answer any of your questions.

And, it goes without saying, you can have your reception there as well. The Reno Provisions folks will provide you and your guests with their wonderful food and, of course, the bartenders there are first rate and they will gladly serve your guests.

Also, we met Mark, the guy in charge, and I can't tell you how long it's been since I met a human so passionate about his work. This guy loves what he does and he does it very well. Walk on in, have a glass of wine and you'll see I'm telling you true.

Mark took us on a tour of his establishment and for that we thank him, because it was a lot of fun. Downstairs they got a bakery, a butcher shop, lotsa wine and room for expansion and I can't wait to see what they're gonna come up with next.
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