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Homo Sapiens

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Homo sapiens, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, “is the species all human beings belong to. It’s one of several species grouped into the genus Homo. And it’s the only one not extinct.” Well, thank God for that, you know, that we’re not extinct.

So, we’re all Homo sapiens, all people. It’s one thing we all have in common and that’s why we’ve called our catch all people section of our website “Homo Sapiens.” It’s a section that’ll give you a fair idea of the kind of photos you’ll get from us in one of these sessions, because in each session below, we’ve included every photo that we’ve given our clients.

Although, most of our work involves weddings, engagements and family photos, we do other kinds of photography as well when we’re asked, like trash the dress photos, newborn photography, pregnancy, portraits, couples portraits, senior photos, graduation photos, travel, work related, models, boudoir and tasteful nudes.

The last two, boudoir and tasteful nudes are always done by Vesta. And because there may be some who don’t want to see them and because we post all of our work on our site in alphabetical order, Vesta’s boudoir and tasteful nudes all start with a tilde “~,” so that they’ll be at the very bottom of this page.

We don’t get a deluge of calls for any of the above, which is why we don’t have a separate section for any of those kinds of photography, like we do for weddings, engagements and family photos.

If you would like to see any of the kinds of photo sessions mentioned above, just scroll on down past the few photos on this page and click on the square thumbnail of the photo session you’d like to check out.

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