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Vesta and I came up with this 365 Days of Faces in the Dawn’s Early Light idea as we were coming home from an early morning walk. It was summer and we usually left the house for Downtown right around five or so, because we liked shooting at sunrise.

And one day, as we were walking around downtown, we spied this security mirror and as we were taking a selfie, it came to me. We’re out every morning. We like the early light. We like making photographs of people. If we combine all of the above and make a project out of it, we’ll keep walking every morning and that’ll be good for us. Plus, we’ll meet new people.

Below you can see a short video of some of the people we have photographed downtown, called, “Who Is My Neighbor." it’s only a couple minutes long. Vesta and I hope you enjoy it.

And even though sometimes, mostly in the winter, we might feel like we’re off our meds. We still get up at 4:30. We still go to our bridge. And cold as it can be. As lousy as we might feel, cuz we mighta had a hard night or maybe one of us might be sick, once we find someone and make their photograph, we feel wonderful. What a great way to start out days.

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Below, you can see our faces to date and you’ll see what I’ve been talking about, just click on any one and you’ll see I’ve been telling you true.

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