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From the Photographer’s Point of View.

If ever a home wanted anything at all, this one wants kids. I could rave about this home, but you can see in the photos, that it’s the kind of place you’d like to come home to after a hard day or even an easy one at work.

If you’re into water sports, Marine Stadium is so close, the view from the master bedroom makes it seem like you’re there. Well, almost anyway. And the ocean is only a hop, skip and jump away, actually twenty minutes by foot to Rosie’s Dog Beach, which is where you might want to take your dog, if have one.

Because, not only does this home want kids, it wants a dog to go with them, because dogs were made for kids and vice versa.

And speaking about kids, Roger’s Middle School—which is a super school and I can vouch for that, because my kids went there—is only a couple blocks away. And likewise for Lowell Elementary. Your kids can safely get to these two schools in five minutes on foot. My kids walked to both and I never worried about them.

Wilson High is a mile away, twenty minutes by foot. My kids walked and I always considered it safe and if you wind up in this home, I think you will too, because this is one of the best neighborhoods in California to live in and maybe the best one to raise children in.

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