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After the harrowing time he had saving the universe from a force so evil it had no name in Paris, Santa dearly wanted to visit a few of his favorite pubs in Glasgow, but it was snowing in Scotland and he wanted a break from the snow.

As much as he loved winter, he needed a break from it.

So he decided on Southern California, Long Beach specifically. Besides, he had a Santa suit he’d been waiting to try out. The suit was beautiful and fine and he was sure he’d get plenty of compliments on it.

But his suit designing elves had made him a seven foot high candy cane staff to go with it. It was big and unwieldy and he was afraid it was just a bit silly looking. And he didn’t like looking silly. Fortunately, Californians were pretty tolerant of silly looking people in silly looking clothes. They wouldn’t openly make fun of his staff, but if they thought it was over the top, he’d know.

So, with only rest and a day away from his Santa responsibilities on his mind, he was looking forward to Long Beach as Rudy and Crew flew past the Queen Mary at sunrise. He sighed when he saw the ship. It had been a few years since he’d been aboard and he was looking forward to having a Corona in one of the bars aboard the ocean liner so grand.

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Rudy set down on the beach and Santa let them fly, with instruction to enjoy themselves, till be thought called them back. Thought calling, it was a new power he loved. It made things so convenient.

With the reindeer gone, he strolled along the beach, taking in the sunrise. A few joggers ran by, always with a smile and a nod to the man in the Santa suit with the candy cane staff and he was pleased, because they didn’t seem to think Santa on the beach eleven days before Christmas was out of place.

One girl said, “Nice candy cane,” as she jogged on by. But she was just being friendly.

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Santa liked to walk and could go miles and miles in a single day. And he loved the beach and the ocean, so he decided to walk a bit south to Bolsa Chica and watch the early morning surfers. He’d always thought if he wouldn’t have been Santa, he’d’ve enjoyed being a surfer.

And when he got there, he saw a lone surfer girl, staring out at the sea. She was standing stock still, holding her board and he wondered what was going on in her mind. For five whole minutes, she moved not a muscle. If not for her hair blowing with the wind, one might have thought she was a statue.

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And then his Santa sense went off like crazy and he had a vision and not the kind of vision he’d wanted on this day which was supposed to be sort’ve a Santa holiday. He shuttered, because he saw the surfer girl in Hell, as surely as he saw her on the beach. And she had wings.

“Ah, Rudy,” he mumbled. Having lost so many dark angels after the affair in Paris, the Devil was out looking for more and Santa sensed this girl was going to be a powerful one.

But they had to die with enough unrepentant and unforgiven sin filling they’re souls, before Rudy could get them. And enough unforgiven sin was a lot. You really had to be bad to piss off God so much that He didn’t want to have anything to do with you.

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Santa didn’t know what she’d done, but she seemed so innocent. She needed another chance, but she wasn’t going to get it if he didn’t interfere, because in a few minutes, she was going to break her revery and dash into the ocean. She was going to catch a wave, stand up, slip, hit her head on the board, be knocked unconscious and drown.

He thought called God and the Big Guy answered straightaway. “You’re sure?”

Santa hated it when he did that, answering him before he asked. “Yes, give me a lightning bolt.”

“She might be beyond redemption.”

“You don't know?”

“Contrary to popular belief, I don’t know everything.” He laughed. “Well maybe I do, but I like to hide the future from myself, otherwise free will wouldn’t make much sense, now would it?”

“I know what you mean.”

“See, you peeked into her future and now you’re involved and there goes your vacation.”

“I didn’t do it on purpose. I had a vision. Lucy’s at work.”

“Okay, one lightning bolt coming up.”

And thunder boomed though a cloudless sky as lightning cracked and sizzled through the dawn. And it frightened the girl. And she turned and headed away from the water.

“She’s your problem now,” God said.

“She’ll be fine,” Santa said, but he wasn’t so sure.

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With the girl saved, Santa decided to spend the day in Long Beach’s trendy Belmont Shore. He ventured in an out of the tourist shops there, wandered into a used record store, checked out a bookstore, had lunch at a hip burger place and generally had a very good time.

Everybody loved his suit, even his giant candy cane.

Sunset found him back on the beach, where he was about to call Rudy, when he had another vision. This time he was in Hell, with Lucy behind him, angry and naked, with his tail flying.

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Maybe God was right. Maybe the girl was beyond redemption. At least the Devil thought so, otherwise he wouldn’t have plagued him with this vision. Lucy was angry, because Santa had stolen the girl from him and this vision was a direct challenge.

“Okay, Lucy,” Santa force a grim smile. “I accept.”

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So, Santa thought called Rudy and told him he and his crew could go home without him, because he needed to spend another day in Long Beach. But he wanted them back in the morning, with a Santa suit that was a little less flashy. No giant candy canes.

Fifteen minutes later, he checked into a motel in Naples. Not the one in Italy, but the one in Long Beach. It’s a cute as all get out little area, but it can’t light a candle to it’s namesake.

In bed, he closed his eyes and sought sleep, because tomorrow, he and the Devil were going to do battle for the soul of a surfer girl.

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