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Santa's 25 Days of Christmas

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If you’ve read my Santa stories then you know, we used to hang out. He’s a great old guy, who’s been around for a long time. He and his wife, Mrs. C get into a lotta adventures during the year and I should have a lot of them up on my website soon.

However, this series is about Santa and Mrs. C and their Twenty-Five days of Christmas, followed by their Six Days of Rest. Yes, this series is about Santa in December, for that’s the month when he works himself to the bone, when he does his very best to please as many of the boys and girls in the world as he can.

Sadly, he can’t please them all. But he tries.

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Santa is a very smart individual, he’d have to be to be as multi-lingual as he is. In fact, he’s the most multi-lingual person on Earth. He speaks every language, English, French, Hebrew, Ancient Greek, Malay, he speaks them all, every language there is and ever was. It’s one of the reasons why he’s so uniquely fitted for his job.

But he’s a little vain. He like his costumes, or his outfits, as Mrs. C calls them. He doesn’t like them being called outfits, but he loves Mrs. C, so he pretends not to hear when she calls them that.

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Santa, if he wants children to believe, has to sorta present the same image to all the boys and girls in the world. Or so he thought, when he started his toy giving business. But he loves his costumes, so he figured out that he could wear a different one for each country he visits. So he perfected the art of the quick change. He can be out of one costume and into another in his sleigh, before a cat can blink and cats are fast blinkers.

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On Christmas Day, Santa visits all of the countries in the world, even the ones at war, even if he can’t leave presents, he goes, because that’s what he does and because he cares.

But for the first twenty-fours days of December, he picks a different country each day, dons the costume he’s chosen for that country, and goes there and scouts out the territory, usually having a little adventure along the way.

Well, Santa’s whole life is an adventure, as you’ll see if you read my Santa tales, which are all true by the way. I know this, because we’re close, me and Santa, and tells me almost everything. Not everything, because everybody’s gotta have some secrets, but almost everything. So you can mostly believe everything I write about him.
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