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So, just what is a Jujuwalker? The word Juju was stolen from West Africa. We shamelessly took it. It’s derived from the French word “joujou” which means “toy”. Somehow the word “juju” started being used to describe an object or fetish or maybe say, a Voodoo doll. A Juju was an object with magical powers, often dark powers. We liked the word “Juju”, but only the magical meaning good part of it, so we married it with “walker” to get “Jujuwalker”, a person who travels or walks with magic.

Jujuwalking is sort of like a religion, well, maybe more like a movement, because we don’t have a deity. We believe in taking care of our bodies, so we exercise and eat right. We fast from Sunday night to Tuesday morning. We don’t drink, well only a little.

But there’s more to Jujuwalking then not eating on Monday. Jujuwalking is a state of being, a way of living, an attitude, all that and more. In Trinidad they say “Americans live to work,” but Trinis work to live.” If you don’t get that, then maybe Jujuwalking isn’t for you.

Meatloaf put it another way in the song, “Everything Louder than Everything Else”, with the lyric, “A wasted youth is better by far than a wise and productive old age!” That might be going a bit far, but you get the idea, Jujuwalkers are more like the grasshopper than the ant.

Eddie Raven could’ve been talking about a Jujuwalker when he sang, “Money is made to spend, women are made to love. Life is something, Buddy, that you’ll never live again.” in his song, “Joe Knows How to Live”. Jujuwalkers live for the moment, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have an eye on the future. However, it does mean that we live on the edge.

It’s not that we don’t want to put money aside, save it, like the ant, for a rainy day or for a comfortable old age. We would like to be savers, but China calls, or India, or Ireland or some other far away place. Or maybe it’s living awhile on a sailboat in the Caribbean or racing a car across the Australian desert or studying French in France or Spanish in Spain. There is always another adventure just up ahead.

And sometimes that adventure depletes our savings, but that makes it even more of an adventure, because for us, each one could be the last, so we dive into everyghing we do with attention, enthusiasm and imagination.

We’re wedding photographers, Vesta and me, and that’s a great gig for us, because we like people and they seem to like us back. When we meet someone for the first time, we treat them just like a new adventure, because that’s what people are, each and everyone of them, an adventure onto themselves.

If you’re enthusiastic about meeting new people, pay attention to them and imagine yourself having a lifelong friendship with them, sometimes it pays off, because sometimes those first meetings are the first meetings of lifelong friends.

Jujuwalkers are the “glass is half full” kind of people. We are optimistic. We look on the bright side. We don’t lie, unless it’s to praise an ugly hat or something like that. We don’t cheat, because that’s just wrong. We don’t overindulge, but we don’t deny ourselves either. We treat everyone fairly and when a friend is in need, we’re there for them.

And children, we love children. Wedding photography is a super thing to do, because we get to photograph people when they’re at their happiest, but photographing children, especially when they’re at play, capturing the wonder and the imagination in a child’s eyes, that’s every bit as good as the smile that lights up a bride’s face.

And young people, we hang out with them a lot. I suppose because they’re so much more fun than old people and as old people, we know what we’re talking about. Young people are loud and fast and furious and angry and happy and glad and full of so much emotion that sometimes they’re frightening to be around.

Young people make old people uncomfortable and hooray for that. Young people are an adventure waiting to happen and sadly too often old people forget that, because they believe their adventure is over. Jujuwalkers, no matter how old, believe the adventure is never over. It’s always just beginning as is this blog.

This is my Jujuwalkin’ blog, where I’ll take about important stuff and stupid stuff, adventures had and adventures waiting to be had, people we’ve met and people we want to meet, things everybody cares about and things only Vesta and I care about. Some of this blog will read like a diary,  but none of it will read like a rant, and at all times I will try my damnedest to be entertaining.

Thanks for reading

Ken Douglas


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