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Brianna and Justice

Allie's Idlewild Park Senior Photos, by Bootleg Photo Senior Photography, Reno, Nevada.

Right after we said goodbye to Brianna and Justice, after making their engagement photos, I said to Vesta, “Holy Moly, they’re so young.”

And Vesta said back, “They’re the exact same ages we were when we got married.”

That’s right, they are. It worked for us and I’m guessing marriage is gonna work for them too, because they seemed way, way in love. And if you’re in love like that, you can overcome anything.

Also, you might have noticed from the photos that Brianna has long hair, like really, really long. But it’s not going to be long like that forever, because she’s gonna donate it right after her wedding, so a woman going through chemo will still look as beautiful as she wants.

During the shoot, I said, “You guys wanna have some photos taken with dinosaurs?”

And Justice said, “Heck ya.”

So we took them to the kiddie section of the park, where the dinos are, because we’ve always wanted to photograph an engagement couple there, but we’ve never asked it, because I don’t know why. Justice was so eager, that I’m thinking we’ll ask more couples, because we really like the way Brianna and Justice’s came out.

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