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Rebecca and Adam

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Hello Rebecca and Adam,

We have the first batch of your photos up and we hope you like them, three more to go. To download any or all of these photos, all you have to do is to click on any photo below and you’ll be taken do your gallery. Once there, you can click on the download button in the upper righthand corner and all the photos will go onto your computer.

Or you can click on the download button below each photo to download them individually. But, maybe it’s not a good idea to download them all right now, because when I put up more, if you download them all, you’ll be getting the first batch again. And if you download them all after the third batch is up, you’ll have the first batch three times, the second batch twice and so on.

Also, you may have noticed the brace on my left hand, that’s a typing/photoshop injury that is taking a devil of a time healing. I’ve been eating lots of aspirin and I’m gonna take a week’s holiday from my computer, so the next batch of photos is about eight day’s away.

I’m so sorry to have to do that to you guys, but I don’t wanna morph into a one-armed typist/photoshop guy. I hope you understand and don’t hate me.

Best to you both from me and Vesta

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