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Mikayla and Charlie

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Hello Mikayla and Charlie,

So far we’ve finished your reception photos and the photos we took by the lake (both times that we went out there). Now we’re onto your ceremony. After that, the formal photos and lastly your getting ready photos.

As usual, to download the photos, just click on any photo below, not the one above, and you’ll be taken to your gallery, where all you have to do is click on the download button in the upper righthand corner or the one under each photo.

Sadly, if you download them all each time we put up more, you’ll wind up with a lot of duplicates. However, we’re going to send you a flash drive with them all, when we finish.

Also, you can give the link to anyone you want, it’s okay with us, but you should know they’ll be able to download them too. But if you don’t care, we don’t care.

Hope you’re liking what we’ve done so far.

Best to you both from me and Vesta

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