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Hello Sylvia and Rudy,

Below this text, you can see photos of the stuff listed below.

Coleman Instant 6 Person tent

Embark 2 Person Hex Dome Tent

Two ALPS Adult Sleeping Bags

Coleman Sleeping Bag

Coleman Propane Grill

Eddie Bauer LED Tent Lamp

Four Head Lamps

Twenty Rebar Tent Stakes

Heavy Duty Cot

Coleman Cot

Reliance Luggable Loo.

We also have various other camping stuff to throw in.

We used the 6 person tent two times at Burning Man and four times camping with our grandson up at Howard Prairie Lake in Oregon. Same with the two man tent. Same with the sleeping bags, actually that’s the only time we used any of the stuff.

We had the rebar tent stakes made to hold down the tents if a big wind came along at Burning Man. And one did. The Alps sleeping bags were for me and Vesta, the Coleman one was for Devon.

And as for the Luggable Loo, here’s how it works. You line it with a trash compactor bag, then as a scoop of cat litter and a scoop of baking soda, sit on it, do your business, then zip up the trash compactor bag and toss it.

We’re gonna put this stuff on Craig’s List for $150, but if you and Rudy want it, we’ll go $100.

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