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Brittney and Mike

Untitled photo

We did Brittney and Mike’s Civil War type engagement session in San Rafael Park. And we took some of their photos in a secret place in the park, I think only we know. You have to squeeze between a chain link and wooden fence, then go down a small hill, wending your way though lots of overgrowth, because there is no path.

And when you get to the bottom, surrounded by trees which hide it from even the sky, you’ll find a pair of wagon wheels that have probably been there for over a century. We buried Scruffy, our cat, there because he used to like to run free in the park and also we had to lay him to rest in a place where the park rangers could never find his grave, cuz we marked it with a rock like tombstone.

We only take younger people there, who are dressed for it. In fact, in the last couple years, I think other than Brittney and Mike, we only took Brianna and Justice there.

Anyway, the goal here was to make serious black and white photographs that look like they were taken during the Civil War period. We did our best and I think we mostly succeeded, however we did sneak in a few color photos, trying to make them look very vintage and we have one of them up here. Also, the bench in the last photograph sorta gives away the real age of the photograph.

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