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Amber and Chris

Untitled photo

Hello Amber and Chris,

Your photos are finished and we hope you like them. To get them, all you have to do is click on any picture below and that’ll take you to your gallery page. Once there, just click on the download link in the upper righthand corner. It’s the one with an arrow pointing downward. There is also a slideshow link as well and we’ve put a share button on, so you can share your photos with whoever you want.

Also, we usually revisit our photos a week or two after we deliver them. At that time we make several black and versions and several different color versions as well. We’ll call or text you when we do that.

Best to you both,

Ken and Vesta

PS. There’s 188 photos, but remember we give you every version of a pose, so there should be more than one, sometimes three or four versions of each pose.

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