Walkabout, Day 9 — March 9, 2018

17 03 09 Square

Here is Vesta on our bridge yesterday morning. It was cold again, but not bone chilling cold, but cold nonetheless. This was Day 999 of our 1001 Days of faces project and I’ve just posted Day 1000, which you can see below.

Back to Vesta on our bridge, we were there looking for our early morning face, before starting our walk to MidTown and back and we found our man straightaway. But, because the sky was so colorful, Vesta wanted to go to the top of the Cal Neva parking garage and take some photos, so there we went. Then we went to Midtown for a short walk.

And in the evening we walked along the river, where we met and photographed Olivia, a student at Reno High. She’s a young photographer-slash-model. And we also met and photographed Jim and Lauren, a dad and daughter, with their Great Danes. Mighty big dogs, Great Danes are.

If you’d like to see the photos we took along our walkabouts, just scroll on down.

Erin and Natalie

Here are Erin and Natalie, who were our thousandth faces in our 1001 Days of Faces Project. They’d just met each other before we met them. And here’s what I said about ‘em on their Facebook post:

They were standing on the heating grate in front of Harrah’s Casino, with heat blowing up from below, pretending to be Marilyn Monroe.

We’d been out and about downtown for about twenty minutes or so, before we spied them from the opposite side of the street.

“They should be the ones,” Vesta said and I agreed.

We’d seen plenty of faces before we approached Erin and Natalie, but we were looking for someone special, because we’re on the thousandth day and these girls seemed pretty gosh darned special. I mean, standing on a heating grate, pretending to be Marilyn Monroe, how special is that?

17 03 09 01

Looking south, down Virginia on the Bridge. This bridge has been a big part of our lives for the last three years or so. Vesta cried on more than one day during the destruction of the old one and we didn’t like the new one so much at first, but it grew on us. It’s not a big bridge, in fact as far as bridges go, it’s small, but it’s Reno’s bridge, so I guess it’s our bridge too.

17 03 09 02

Facing west, from the top of the Cal Neva garage, you can see the Reno City Hall and the the yellow sunrise reflected in it’s windows.

17 03 09 03

Facing east, still on top of the Cal Neva garage, you can see the sunrise, which was reflected in those windows.

17 03 09 04

And now, facing southwest you can see the plaza downtown with the BELIEVE sign and beyond that the Virginia Street Bridge. I’ll most likely photograph the bridge again tomorrow, because it is our last day of our morning project. Then, we’ll be leaving the photographing of it to other photographers.

For awhile, at least.

17 03 09 05

This is the Patagonia Outlet building in MidTown. It wasn’t there when we lived there, now it is, so I think we’ll stop by sometime when it’s open, cuz I really like their clothes. Who doesn’t?

17 03 09 06

Vesta took this picture yesterday on Day 8 in Idlewild Park, but I accidentally skipped over it when I made yesterday’s post, so here it is a day late. Better late than never.

17 03 09 07

For reasons I don’t know why and don’t understand, Vesta always finds interesting things to photograph that I don’t and apparently can’t think of. Like this great big barky tree, rising above the little leafy branch below.

17 03 09 08

This is another one of Vesta’s photographs that I really like and never would have taken, I suppose because my mind works differently than hers.

17 03 09 09

Another one of Vesta’s showing that even in a park, it’s possible to show how small we all are in comparison with everything else.

17 03 09 11

Here is Olivia, who we met on our walk. She’s a student at Reno High and she’s in the Red House Project. We’ve photographed other students in the project in our 1001 days of Faces project. It’s a pretty neat project and you can learn a little bit about it by clicking anywhere in this sentence and watching this YouTube video.

17 03 09 12

After we took her picture, I told her that I needed her first name and she said it was Olivia.

“Like in Newton John?” I said.

“I was named after her,” she said.

And how cool is that? Way cool I think. Way way cool.

17 03 09 13

After introductions, we found out Olivia was part of the Red House Project and that her teacher at dismissed the class early and told everyone to go out and take pictures and that’s what she was doing when we met her. She’s a Nikon shooter, but we would never hold that against anyone and actually, I quite like Paul Simon’s song, you know the one, the one that goes:

They give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day
I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So mama don't take my Kodachrome away

17 03 09 14

17 03 09 15

17 03 09 17

Shortly after we said good by to Olivia, we ran into Jim and Lauren and their two monster Great Danes. They’re beautiful dogs, but Great Danes are really, really big. It’s gotta cost a lot to feed ‘em, that’s what I think.

Jim teaches journalism at UNR and he’s Lauren’s dad. Do you see the resemblance. I do. But Lauren’s prettier.

17 03 09 16

17 03 09 18

17 03 09 19

See, they’re really big.

17 03 09 20

17 03 09 21

17 03 09 22

Here’s—well you know who this is.

17 03 09 23

A last photograph today, before we head home, of the Truckee River under an overcast sky.

17 03 09 00

And here’s an uncropped version of Vesta on our bridge with the Virginia Street Bridge in the background,

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