Walkabout, Day 8 — March 8, 2018

17 03 08 000

Here we are, Vesta and me, in front of the mirror to the Reno Federal building’s parking garage. We photographed ourselves in front of this same mirror just under a thousand days ago, when we started our 1001 Days of Faces Project.

Anyway, that project’s almost over and this one is just beginning. Yesterday, we walked downtown just before sunrise and I took some photos and just before sunset we went out again and walked along the Truckee River to Idlewild park and back to our car, where we parked on Ralston Street.

Along the way, Vesta took some photos, plus we photographed four nice people, a guy in a hammock, a couple pretty girls and Paul, a man who does good with his life, who we’ve photographed before. And you can see and read all about it by scrolling on down.

17 03 08 001

I’ve photographed the Virginia Street Bridge an awful for over the last three years, so much so that some have called me “That Bridge Guy.” I’d like to say, it’s gorgeous and I can’t get enough of it, but that would be a lie. I photograph it, because it’s there, where Vesta and I have been so many morning over the last three years.

Also, about those sunrises I’ve photographed, the ones with color don’t happen everyday, I just got a lotta good ones over the bridge, because I’ve been there everyday.

17 03 08 003

Here is the bridge from the other side, I’ve not made too many photographs of it from this side, I suppose because I like the sunrises and for that I’ve gotta be on the other side. The sky was overcast, which makes for nice photos, plus it was a balmy 45°F out, which apparently was a record high for a March 8th morning in Reno, so we hung around downtown for awhile.

17 03 08 004

Here are Reno’s Space Whale and Calf. They are gorgeous this time of day, especially when they’re lit up under an overcast sky. The lights change color, this is Vesta’s favorite, so I had to way a few minutes till they turned blue to make the photograph.

17 03 08 005

And this is Reno’s Believe sign. Vesta and I first saw it, out at Burning Man. If you don’t know what Burning Man is, you should google it. Then, if you get a chance, you should go. Vesta and I have been a few times and we’re glad Reno bought the sign and put it here, becasue that’s a good motto, “Believe.”

17 03 08 014

We were on the Center Street Bridge when I made this photograph of the Lake Street Bridge. The sky filled up with the yellow it was hinting at in my photograph above of the Virginia Street Bridge.

Right after we made this photograph, we wandered over to MidTown and visited the house were we used to live on Sinclair, then we heading on back to our car, with our first mile of the day under our belts.

17 03 08 015

Here is Kyle, who Vesta and I met as we were walking along the Riverwalk from Downtown Reno to Idlewild Park. He’d set up a hammock and was reading a book by the river. Well, part of him was over the river. That’s water under him on the left side of the photograph.

17 03 08 016

“Aren’t you afraid the rope might break?” Vesta said.

“Not really,” Kyle said up after I made the photograph. “It’s a two person hammock. It’s pretty strong.”

“Kinda cool reading in a hammock by the river,” she said.

“They’re only twenty bucks at Walmart,” he said.

Then we talked a bit more, before we went on our way.

17 03 08 017

“Only twenty bucks as Walmart,” Vesta said to me after we’d left Kyle. “You’d look good in one of those.”

“It’s a double hammock,” I said.

“I’m not getting into one.”

“And I am?”

“It would make a good picture.”

“Picture, micture, the last time I got into a hammock, I fell out.”

“That was twenty years ago. Besides, you’re experienced now.”

“You know,” I said, “It does look relaxing.”

“I could push you. So you could rock back and forth. It’d be fun.”

“Hey, wait a minute. That’s why I fell out.”

“Oh yeah. I forgot.”

17 03 08 018

Vesta took this photograph down by the river, just before we got to the Keystone Bridge. She likes getting close to the water and even getting into it, when the weather’s warm. But even though it was a warm day, the water was chilly cold.

17 03 08 019

This is another one of Vesta’s river photographs. She took this one just before the Crooked Mile in Idlewild Park, which is a mile long pathway through the park. It meanders along the river and the scenery is very photographical.

17 03 08 028

Ice on the lake, brrr. I’m thinking geese and ducks must not get very cold, because they walk on the ice in their bare feet all the time and they don’t seem to mind.

17 03 08 029

And here is Reno’s best looking wedding photographer. Okay, maybe Reno’s best looking Days of Faces photographer. Yeah, nobody would argue with that. Probably because I’m the only one crazy enough to photograph a face for a day for a thousand and one days. Oh, I forgot, Vesta too. She’s obviously just as crazy as me, cuz she’s been right there with me every day.

Only two more days and that project is over and I have to admit, I’d’ve really missed doing it if we hadn’t started this one. We’ll try to have two or three faces with every post. Evening faces, not morning faces.

17 03 08 031

I remember one day, when we we’re living in Trinidad. We were at the West Mall and I saw a red Port of Spain tee shirt I thought Vesta would like and I said I thought she’d look good in it.

“I don’t really like red all that much,” she said.

“Really, cuz I’ve taken a whole heck of a lotta photos of you in red lately.”

“Okay, maybe I’ve started to like red.”

And she still likes it. It suits her and she really rocks in her new red coat.

17 03 08 034

Not my best look!

17 03 08 036

Geese in the Park. They’re everywhere.

17 03 08 039

Here are Desiree and Rochelle, who Vesta and I met on the riverwalk, halfway between Keystone and Virginia. Desiree is gonna be a momma in six months and she glows like it.

17 03 08 038

We spent about ten minutes with these girls and during that time I told them one of my favorite wedding stories. The bride had told us that the groom’s father and grandfather hadn’t spoken in over twenty years, because the groom’s grandfather didn’t believe in divorce, so he disowned his son when he and his wife divorced, even though dad’s new wife and old wife had become very good friends and were both gonna be at the wedding. So, whatever we did, she said, “Don’t try to get them together in a photograph.”

It was kinda weird and, for reasons I don’t know why, I forgot about it. And later, at the church before the ceremony, I saw this older guy who looked like the groom and I figured that was his dad and I asked them to pose together. But before I took the picture, I spied this even older guy who looked both like the groom and dad, so I called him over and he came.

And I asked him to pose with the two younger versions of himself as a whole bunch of people looked on in horror at what I’d done. But you know what, they started talking and they sat next to each other during the ceremony and got pretty gosh darned drunk together during the reception. So you see, the forgetful photographer, ended a two decade silence between a father and a son. How cool was that?


17 03 08 040

Here is Paul, who came by as we were talking to Desiree and Rochelle. We’d photographed him back on Day Six Hundred and Forty-Five of our Thousand Days of Faces project, so we talked about that and then we photographed him again.

Paul is one of the really good people out there and rather than start writing all over about him, I’m going to repost what I said about him back on Day Six Hundred and Forty-Five below the photograph of him wearing his orange hoodie below.

17 03 08 041

Meet Paul, who Vesta and I met on Reno’s Riverwalk. When we saw him coming toward us, she said, “We have to do him, because he just looks so happy.” So when we came abreast of him, I asked and he said yes.

“And how come you’re out here this evening?” Vesta asked him after I took his photograph.

“After I retired, God called on me to pray and to come out here in the evenings and to help people in my own way.”

“And what’s that?” Vesta said.

“When I see someone who looks hungry, I offer to take ‘em to Micky D’s and buy them a burger and fries.” He smiled. “Sometimes, people want money for cigarettes or a drink, but that’s not what I’m about, but I’m glad to buy a hungry man a meal.”

“That’s nice,” Vesta said.

“I know it’s not much,” Paul said. “But it’s what I can do.”

“If everybody did as much as you do,” Vesta said, “this world would be a lot better off.”

“Amen to that,” Paul said.

“Yeah,” Vesta said, “amen to that.”

17 03 08 042

Evening walkabout over, we’re back on Ralston, the street where we live. Of course, our little blue Toyota is parked down where Ralston ends by the river. To get home, we have to make a U turn and go north about two miles.

See you tomorrow.

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