Walkabout, Day 7 — March 7, 2018

17 03 07 001

The first photograph we took on our walkabout yesterday was of Greg and his dog Violet. We met them at Virginia Lake. It was our second day in a row walking about there and we like the lake a lot, because Vesta doesn’t have to use her walking app to find out how far we walked. We park our car by the lake, walk around one time and it’s a mile. No thinking involved.

Greg used to take pictures and he told us he’s got more than he knows what to do with. I told him Vesta and I scanned all of ours into our computers. It just makes sense. I don’t know if he’s going to do that, but I would if I was him. Heck, I did.

17 03 07 002

17 03 07 003

After saying goodbye to Greg, we continued our walk around the lake, photographing geese, the lake and a good looking young fisherman named Kevin. 

But the star of last night’s Walkabout Show was a little girl named Harmony. Her dad’s a photographer and videographer and he’s really good.

You can see a few more photos of Greg, photos of Fisherman Kevin and, of course, Harmony and her dad, by

17 03 07 004

I call this one, Peppermill Rising, becasue that’s the Peppermill Casino on Virginia, behind those condos.

17 03 07 005

Vesta got my photograph, just as I captured the goose. How about that?

17 03 07 006

I kept trying to get this girl to look at me, by making lots of stupid noises, but when I said, “Bread.” she turned right toward me. So, I’m thinking these geese are a lot smarter than they look.

17 03 07 007

17 03 07 008

17 03 07 009

17 03 07 010

There is a whole lotta blue sky in this photograph of Vesta’s, showing just how small we all are in the grand scheme of things.

17 03 07 011

17 03 07 012

17 03 07 013

17 03 07 014

17 03 07 015

When Vesta and I saw Kevin fishing, we knew he was going to be one of the people we asked to join our project, because can you imagine a better way to spend a cool evening by the lake?

17 03 07 016

17 03 07 017

17 03 07 018

And here, Vesta captured me, just as I captured Kevin in the photograph below.

17 03 07 019

17 03 07 020

17 03 07 021

Here are Harmony and her dad, Anthony. As I said above, Anthony’s a videographer and he’s really good. You can see his work by clicking on this sentence, yep this whole sentence is the link to his Rodent Entertainment Facebook page.

Vesta and don’t do wedding videos, so if you need a videographer for your wedding, you might wanna give Anthony a look.

17 03 07 022


17 03 07 023

And double, aww. Is she cute. And she’s looking right at the camera.

17 03 07 024

17 03 07 025

And now the sun is going down and after two trips around the lake, we’re heading home. See you tomorrow.

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