Walkabout, Day 6 — March 6, 2018

17 03 06 01 a

Here are Doerenee and Chanel, who is named after Coco. She got Chanel from a mall store in California, where they get dogs from high kill shelters and try to find them good homes. Luckily Chanel found one with Dorenee.

Vesta and I met her as we were walking the one mile track around Virginia Lake. It’s a manmade lake and it’s a nice place to walk. We’re looking forward to taking some sunrise photos there.

We photographed her yesterday evening and we also photographed a photographer named Stan Kaufman and you can see some photos of him below. We came across him as he was shooting across the lake with a monster lens, so we had to take his photograph.

And, of course, on our walkabout page, along with more photos of Dorenee and photos of Stan, we have our usual assortment of photographs we took throughout our walkabouts, both in the early morning downtown and around the lake.

17 03 06 02

We have five more days to go on our 1001 Days of Faces Project and here is Vesta waiting on our bridge for a few minutes to see if anyone is going to come by, if not (and no one did) we move on over to the Virginia Street Bridge, wait a few minutes, then head down Virginia to Casino Row, where there are always people out and about.

It was cold this morning, but we’re taking heart, because the weather people are saying it’s going to warm up soon, so we’re hoping the last few days of our project won’t see us shivering downtown like rabbits in the arctic.

17 03 06 04

17 03 06 03

The sunrise downtown this morning was gorgeous and even prettier after I enhanced it. I wasn't going to take this picture, because I've done so many of this bridge from where we photograph out morning faces, but we only have five days left of our morning project, so what the heck.

It's not that Vesta and I won't be out and about at sunrise, we're sunrise people, but we'll be in different places, so I probably won't be photographing this bridge much anymore.

17 03 06 05a

17 03 06 06

17 03 06 07

Vesta and I have been out and about in downtown Reno an awful lot in the last three years and by this time next week, we'll be a couple days into our break from out early morning photography there, so I thought I should take a photo of Reno’s new Biggest Little City in the World sign from the north side, looking down toward the Virginia Street Bridge.

It looks great lit up. Sadly, not as good as it used to when the lights are off. Still, we love the sign. Who wouldn’t?

17 03 06 08

And here’s the same photograph in sepia.

17 03 06 09

17 03 06 10

If you put your finger on the top of the big building on the left, then count down three rows, them from the left, count over to the second and third balconies and you’ll see where we lived when we started this project.

Going to our bridge every morning was pretty gosh darned easy back then, cuz all we had to do was take the elevator down and our bridge was only about a minute’s walk away.

Now we gotta get in out car and drive. Ah well, only four more days.

17 03 06 11

On Ralston Street, the street where we live, looking north by Whitaker Park. That’s the park, on the right side of the street, just past the stop sign. It’s exactly a half mile from our house, so there and back is a mile. We try to do it at least once everyday, in addition to our evening walkabout.

17 03 06 12

Bambi as lawn art. She’s not real.

17 03 06 13

This Canadian Goose at Virginia Lake, however, is real. She’s one of the green poop culprits who visit all of Reno’s parks and lots of our lawns as well.

17 03 06 14

Here is Doranee, who, as I said above, we met with her doggie Chanel as we were walking around Virginia Lake.

17 03 06 15

For reasons I don’t know why, Vesta likes to photograph me photographing others.

17 03 06 16

17 03 06 17

17 03 06 18a

17 03 06 19

17 03 06 20

17 03 06 21

This is kind of a silly sculpture, because it’s facing away from the lake, so to get a good view of her face, you have to go out into the lake, which you can’t do, cuz they have signs saying you can’t swim in it or get in it at all.

17 03 06 22

See, she’s facing out into the lake. Kinda silly if you ask me.

17 03 06 23

17 03 06 24a

17 03 06 25a

17 03 06 26

17 03 06 29

And here is Stan, with his monster lens, photographing something faraway. Or maybe a bird in the lake. I shoulda asked him, but I didn’t.

17 03 06 27

17 03 06 28

17 03 06 30

And lastly, here’s a different crop of the morning sunrise over the Virginia Street Bridge that I posted above.

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