Walkabout, Day 3 — March 3, 2018

17 03 03 01

It was snowing lightly when we left for our walk yesterday evening, but it had snowed heavily earlier and everybody was inside. It was like we had the world to ourselves as we headed for San Rafael Park, which is exactly a half mile away and we usually make it to the park in nine or ten minutes, if we don’t stop for pictures.

But this morning it took a little longer, because the sidewalks and roads were slippery in places. And I was beginning to worry we might not see anybody and I told Vesta that maybe we should head home and drive to the river.

But she said we should press on, because there would be somebody in the park. And she was right. We saw Daisy, John and Fella off in the distance as soon as we got there. Fella’s a white German Shepard and he’s gorgeous. John had a camera in hand and was taking pictures of Daisy and Fella out in the middle of a snow covered field.

17 03 03 02

So, we tramped across the snow and told them about our project and they said we could photograph them. And afterwards, when we started talking to them, John said they just got engaged, so I went a little nuts and started taking more photograph, cuz in my head, it just turned into an engagement shoot in the snow.

Vesta had to calm me down, otherwise I might still be taking pictures. “You big ninny,” she said to me after we’d made our goodbyes.

“What?” I said.

“They must think you’re crazy.”

“No.” Then I thought about it. “Well, maybe I over reacted.” So, John and Daisy, if you’re reading this, I’m not crazy, not really. It’s just that the snow was so gorgeous, you guys were so good looking and I’d never seen a white German Shepard before. I didn’t even know they came in white.

17 03 03 03

17 03 03 04

And here’s Fella, a whithe German Shepard in the snow.

17 03 03 05

And yep, Vesta caught me going a little crazy.

17 03 03 06

17 03 03 07

Our friend Mike called, while we were talking to John and Daisy and said he was on his way over to our house and that he’d just bought a bottle of Cabernet he wanted to try and did we wanna drink it with him.

There is only one answer to a question like that and you can guess what it was by looking at Vesta’s great big smile. So, she had two reasons for dragging me on home.

17 03 03 08

17 03 03 09

17 03 03 10

17 03 03 11

17 03 03 12

But we didn’t go straight home. We hung out in the park and took a few photos first, because after all we’d walking all the way there to do that.

17 03 03 13

17 03 03 14

17 03 03 15

17 03 03 16

17 03 03 17

17 03 03 18

17 03 03 19

Holy moly, I think she used Photoshop to make my nose look bigger. It’s not that big, really, it’s not. Is it?

17 03 03 21

17 03 03 20

We’ve talked to the people who live in this house on occasion. They’re avid kayakers. Here is looks like they took one of there kayaks and turned it into lawn art. 

17 03 03 22

That’s College Street on the left, The Strand on the right. We take the right fork.

17 03 03 23

Every time I see this trailer I think how cool it would be if we could just hitch it to a Jeep and go to Mexico.

17 03 03 24

17 03 03 25

Oh know! Busted. The above photo of me with the same background as this one was actually taken on our way home, a fraction of a second before Vesta took this one. I used it up there, cuz it looked like I had my eyes closed in the photo she took of me when I was really photographing John and Daisy.

And nobody wants to see a photo of anybody with their eyes closed.

17 03 03 26

The prettiest girl on the Strand.

17 03 03 27

17 03 03 28

17 03 03 29

Home. This is the tree stump in our front yard.

17 03 03 30

And these are the wind chimes in our front yard.

See you tomorrow.

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