Walkabout, Day 23 — March 26, 2018

18 03 25 001

This evening we went walkabout at UNR. It’s a large campus and we managed to get two miles in without thinking about it. The sun was still up when we got there, but it was still pretty chilly out. Still, if you walk fast, you warm up pretty quick.

18 03 25 002

Vesta took this photograph right after we got there. She always manages to find wonderful photographs I don’t think of taking. It’s the same at weddings—she starts right off photographing the little things, the center pieces on the tables, the rings, the bride’s shoes, the bouquet and the flowers, that kind of stuff.

18 03 25 003

Jeez, it looks like I need a haircut. Some things in life just aren’t fair, like hair and fingernails, toenails too. They just keep growing, so you gotta keep cutting ‘em. Grass is the same way. Once a week you gotta get out the lawn mower. Well, not in winter. For reasons I don’t now, in Reno the grass stops growing when winter starts.

18 03 25 004a

Even though it’s officially spring now, the weather hasn’t been acting like it. However, we’re starting to see color in the trees. Pretty soon they’re going to be covered in green and it’s gonna be hot as heck. I can hardly wait.

18 03 25 005a

18 03 25 006a

Self portrait.

18 03 25 007a

She see swans.

18 03 25 010a

And these are the swans she saw.

18 03 25 008a

Sometimes, when you turn an ordinary picture into black and white, you can wind up with a whole different feel. This photo of Vesta’s, taken in the bright sun, done in black and white looks kind of eerie. I think so anyway.

18 03 25 009a

Here are Savanah and Taylor, who we met on the little walking bridge on the south side of the campus. When we told them about our project, Savanah was a little hesitant at first, because she wasn’t quite sure we were real. But after we gave her our card and explained the project, she was okay with being a part of it.

18 03 25 011a

Here is David, who has been teaching English at UNR since 1989. That’s twenty-seven years. A pretty long time to stay in one job. But not so long if you like what you do and he sure seems to love his work.

18 03 25 012a

She always seems to get my best side.

18 03 25 013a

More proof that spring is in the air.

18 03 25 014a

18 03 25 015a

“Go over and stand in front of those dead things.”

“You mean that ivy,” she said.

“Oh yeah, ivy.”

“It’ll be a dreary picture.”

“No, it’ll be good.” I wasn’t sure, but I thought it would be and it was.

18 03 25 016a

We wandered around UNR, taking photographs of the brick buildings, meeting people and generally having a good time. But we couldn’t help but wonder, on this day when Linda Brown passed away, how long we’d be able to do that. How long before shooters with AR 15’s discover universities? How long before they have to fence them in, like we do our high schools now?

18 03 25 017a

18 03 25 018a

18 03 25 019a

18 03 25 020a

18 03 25 021a

18 03 25 022a

18 03 25 023a

18 03 25 024a

18 03 25 025a

Shooting toward downtown, from the southern most part of the university.

18 03 25 026a

18 03 25 027a

On our way home, we came across this place. The GourMelt. It’s a gourmet grilled cheese shop. Gourmet grilled cheese, who knew?

18 03 25 028a

A frat house on a hill. Or maybe it’s a sorority house, I’m not sure.


18 03 25 029a

I wrote a horror story about a shapeshifting soucouyant from Trinidad, who came to California and terrorized a young girl named Carolina. A soucouyant Is Trinidad’s version of a vampire, only she’s never young and beautiful. She’s always old and ugly and very witchy looking. And this is the kind of house I imagined her living in.

Anyway, shameless book plug here, If you wanna read it you can find it on Amazon by clicking anywhere in this sentence, yep this whole sentence is a link to NIGHTWITCH, by me.

18 03 25 030a

Another view of downtown, this time from University Avenue as we were walking home.

Burning Man 1797

My closing photo is of me at Burning Man a couple years ago. Vesta and I were talking about Burning Man yesterday, wondering if we were going to make it this year. We have the days free. The only problem is, if you don’t get tickets when they go on sale, you have to buy ‘em from scalpers. Which we’re thinking about doing.

About this photo, I went looking for one of Vesta out on the Playa, but I came across this one as I was going through our Burning Man photos and I really, really, love this shirt.

And lastly, I pray Linda Brown rests in piece. We all owe her and her father so much. Contrary to what some believe, America has been great for a long time and it’s becasue of people like Linda and Oliver Brown that it is so.

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