Walkabout, Day 2 — March 2, 2018

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Here is Emily, who Vesta and I met in San Rafael Park. We were walking and photographing on the bottom end of the doggie park part of the park. She was the only person with the only dog in the place. In fact, the park was empty. We were there, cuz it was supposed to start snowing any minute and we wanted snowy photos, even though it was cold as all get out.

But we thought there’d be other people there, you know, so we could photograph our second face for this project. But there wasn’t anybody except a girl in the doggie park who was too far away to hear me shout and if she did hear me, she’d probably think I was nuts and go the other way.

And we couldn’t approach her, cuz there was a fence between us. So it was looking like we were gonna have to go to the river, cuz there’s always people there in the evening, no matter how cold it is.

Then Benson, that’s Emily’s dog, came wandering toward us, so I called him and he came running, ducking under the fence without even slowing down. He came right to me ands I started petting him as Emily came to the fence.

So I was able to tell her about our new project and she agreed to be in it and here she is. And after I took her photo, Vesta asked her how come she was in the park in such weather and she said, because she had to take Benson to the vet, so she was giving him a reward run in the park in advance.

And I’ll tell you this, Benson must get a lotta rewards, cuz he’s one happy dog.

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Getting ready for snow tomorrow.

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