Walkabout, Day 17 — March 17, 2018


Here are Kelly and Jon, who we photographed in San Rafael Park. They have a September wedding date, so we have time to make a couple sets of engagement photos, which is good, because yesterday it snowed through the whole session.

That was nice, actually, because we like the kind of pictures we get in the snow, but in a couple months the park will be full of color and the gorgeous flowers of San Rafael Park make for gorgeous engagement photos, especially at sunrise or sundown. So we’re going to have Kelly and Jon back and we are going to do their engagement session all over again. How cool is that?


Vesta and I are not big fans of winter, because we’ve spent most our lives in warm weather places, so we’re not used to the cold, even after seven years in Reno. However, we love the kind of photographs you can get in the winter, especially on a snowy day.


And here is Kelly, smiling to beat the band. We took several photos of each pose, because we’ve learned the hard way, that one picture of snow falling on a human isn’t enough, because what if you get a blobby, blurry snowdrop in front of an eye, or what if it’s right under a nose, so it looks like snot coming out. Yikes.

So we click the shutter several times, just because the snow is so unpredictable. 


I asked to for a serious look, like she was posing for a book cover, and who knows, maybe she was.


And here’s Jon, rocking the movie star look Vesta and I really like.


A lone pine, the only green in a sea of white.




There was still plenty of snow in our front yard when we got back from the park. Our feet were numb and we were shivering like no tomorrow. We vowed we were in for the evening. But a half hour later, when we were warm as toast, we looked out the window and the light just before sundown was gorgeous, so out again we went.


This is the bottle bush right across the street from our house. Every season it grows a couple more.


Usually around noon we walk down Ralston to little Whitaker Park. We go through the park, then back home and that’s just over a mile. It helps break up the day and keep us healthy at the same time. And that’s the short walk we were going on this evening, so we’re used to all of the houses and interesting things to photograph along the way. But they all look so different covered in snow.

Like this blue peacock. Vesta’s photographed it several times, but you have to admit there is just something about her head rising out of the snow.







So we were walking down Ralston, toward the park, when we saw these guys on the other side of the street—near Pub and Sub, a great sandwich place and a great bar to boot—throwing snowballs at each other. I put my camera to me eye to take a picture, when Joey, the big guy in the back left, pitched a snowball right at me. I lowered the camera and caught it, just like I was sixteen, playing baseball, but it broke up in my hand and I lost the shot.

But that was okay, cuz we crossed the road and made a some nice photographs of this happy crew. They were on the way to the Pub and Sub bar, where I’m sure they spent a happy St. Paddy’s evening.


Here’s Joey holding a few of Vesta’s Wedding Photogrpahy cards.



This guy, whose name we didn’t get, is holding my Bootleg Photo card and that was really cool.



We were starting to lose the light as we got close to the park, so we decided to turn back, because we wanted to be in by dark. We turned back at this house and we made some street photos along the way home and you can see them below.







A whole lotta wires. Some of them are even going to our house.

Venezuela 102

For my closing photo, I’m going back to the Caribbean. This is the little beach at Medina, a small village on Venezuela’s north coast. We used to stop in there for a few hours, when we sailed between Trinidad and Margarita.

Ah, Margarita, it’s like Venezuela’s Hawaii. Actually, climate wise, all of Venezuela’s like Hawaii. But Margarita’s special. It’s a duty free island with a bustling tourist economy. We’d stock up on wonderful rum for only eighty cents a bottle. And for five bucks a bottle we could get some of the best rum on Earth.

If you can get a chance to go to Margarita, you should. They don’t have Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville there, but they have Cheers and it’s just like the one on the TV show. And every time a fat guy comes into the bar, everybody shouts out, “Norm!”

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