Walkabout, Day 16 — March 16, 2018

18 03 16 001

Here is Bob, who poses for us whenever we need him. And since he’s dead, the cold this morning didn’t bother him. Which was good for him, not so much for us, because it was really cold, because we got about a foot of snow.

Bob lives with us and he’s the perfect roommate, because he doesn’t talk very much. In fact, he doesn’t talk at all. Which is kind of sad, because, as you can see, he was a pirate when he was alive, so I’m betting he’s got a lotta stories he could tell.

18 03 16 002

This is Vesta’s favorite tree in our neighborhood, possibly in all of Reno, maybe even in the whole wide world. It’s because she sees it every morning outside our bedroom window. She doesn’t get to work in a darkroom anymore, but she knows how to get the film look she loves so much out of her software.

18 03 16 003

That’s our garage in the background, with about a foot of snow in front of it. It’s a good thing we didn’t have to go anywhere, because out little Toyota Yaris wasn’t getting out of that garage till somebody shoveled the snow away. I didn’t wanna do it and Vesta didn’t wanna do it, so we decided to wait till in melts.

18 03 16 004

Looking west on the Strand, which is the street or garage is on. As you can see, our local snowplow came by, but an hour later the road was again covered in snow and the snowplow guy must not’ve gotten the word, because he didn’t come back.

18 03 16 005

The Tree on the Strand, covered in snow. This tree is across the street from where we live, in Larry’s yard. Larry was kind enough to let us photograph him one morning, when we were doing our 1001 Days of Faces project. This is one huge tree and it’s my favorite tree in our neighborhood, maybe in all of Reno and yes, maybe even in all the world.

So how could we every move outta Reno, with Vesta’s favorite tree on one side of our house and mine on the other.

18 03 16 006

Looking south on Ralston Street, the street where we live. As you can see, the snowplowed road is already starting to be the snow covered road.

18 03 16 007

And here is our house. We couldn’t get our through the front door, because there was so much snow in the trees that their branches were hanging almost all the way to the ground and we didn’t wanna crawl on our bellies through the snow, so we went out through the garage and walked around.

18 03 16 008

Here is another photograph of the snow in front of our house. It’s just amazing to us, snow like this. Until we moved to Reno, we’d never lived anywhere where it snowed. And we moved here in the summer, because we liked Reno so much. Our friends Mike and Maggie lived here and we’d visited many times, always in the summer.

And on one of our visits, we took a walk and found a house we liked, which was for rent, so we called the owner, talked to him for a bit and rented it. Then we packed up all of our stuff, we were living in Oregon at the time, rented a big U-Haul truck and moved to Reno.

And a few short months later, winter came. And we were shocked. We had like four feet of snow and we were perplexed, because we didn’t know it snowed here. It was like we moved to Connecticut or Maine. We vowed that when our lease was up, we were gonna move away from here.

But we made so many friends in such a short time, real friends, that there was no way we could leave. So here we live in the “Biggest Little City in the World” snow and all. But even though we gotta deal with winter, Reno’s worth it. 

18 03 16 009

Snow is still falling. It was monstrously cold. But we went walkabout anyway, taking photos along the way. But I suppose we coulda stayed inside and watched television.

Wait! We couldn’t do that, because we don’t have a TV. If we had one, we coulda laid on the couch and watched it. Wait! We couldn’t do that either, because we don’t have a couch.

18 03 16 010

18 03 16 012

Because I took her picture, she took take mine.

18 03 16 011

And then I took hers again.

18 03 16 013

18 03 16 014

A white pickup, with it’s bed full of snow, pulled up by us as I was taking a picture, so I turned my camera toward the driver.

18 03 16 015

And she was a woman named Kathleen. She and and her friend had stopped for directions and how they got on our street is beyond me, becasue they were heading for California. We’ll actually for a gas station. I guess she must’ve been low on petrol, so she got off the freeway looking for some.

And so, of course, I asked if I could take her picture. She said yes and I told her where to find a gas station and how to get back on the freeway. A fair exchange.

It was snowing pretty hard. Not the best driving conditions. I hope she got to California okay.

18 03 16 016

After Kathleen drove away, Vesta and I continued on our walkabout, burning more calories than usual, because each step was a lot harder to take than if there wasn’t a foot of snow on the ground. Plus, we were each wearing about ten pounds of extra clothes.

And along our walk, we ran into Art as he was shoveling snow off the sidewalk in front of his house. He used to work for city government and he thinks shoveling snow is your civic duty and I suppose he’s right.

When we lived in the hoity toity neighborhood by San Rafael Park, everybody shoveled their sidewalks, but now we live close to UNR and all of our neighbors are college kid renters and none of them shovel. We did when we moved in here, but we were the only shovelers in the neighborhood and we didn’t wanna get in dutch with our neighbors, you know, acting like we were better then them, cuz our sidewalks were shoveled, so we stopped shoveling too and now we fit right in.

18 03 16 017

Art’s neighbor couldn’t get his new two ton Caddie to power through the snow, so with spinning wheels I tried to help him get through the snow. But looking back on it, do your really think three guys could get that beast through the snow?

Answer, not a chance.

So, Art moved his car, so the Caddie wouldn’t take it out when it backed up, cuz the Caddie’s driver had no control of the car. When he went backwards, it fished around, just like you’d imagine a fish would if it could swim backwards.

Then, with Art’s car outta the way, the Caddie backed into a shoveled part of the pavement, the driver put his foot on the pedal and powered though that snow.

18 03 16 018

This dog ran over to Vesta, checked her out, then took off when her master called. As for Vesta, I can’t tell if she’s waving or trying to hitchhike a ride home.

18 03 16 019

And here is Dan, the doggie’s master. Dan had an awful lot of snow to shovel. More than us. A lot more than us, cuz we planned on not shoveling at all. Sooner or later it was gonna melt and we’d be able to get our car outta the garage.

18 03 16 020

Since I am into photographing human faces, I took a close up of Dan and here it is.

18 03 16 021

This woulda been a much better photograph if that falling snow wasn’t covering her eye.

And a word about the shoveled sidewalk. The guy who did it had one of those big, motorized sidewalk shoveling machines. We didn’t see him, because the walk was shoveled before we got there. But, you know what, the sidewalk iced right over and was so slippery, we decided to walk though the snow anyway.

18 03 16 022

18 03 16 023

18 03 16 024

18 03 16 025

18 03 16 026

Back home after an hour in the snow, we had breakfast, showered and got read for our day. But while we were eating, the sun started melting away some of the snow, so I decided to open our front door and take a photo, before it all melted away.

18 03 16 027

And then Vesta told me she’d bought plenty of supplies, so we could keep the car in the garage all weekend if we wanted. “Except for one thing,” she said.

“What’s that?” I said.

“I forgot to get any wine and we don’t have any.”

“Oh crap.” I went to the garage, got a shovel, because there are somethings you just don’t wanna do without.

18 03 16 028

And finally look, while I was shoveling, the overcast parted and we got blue skies.

GWW 0440a copy

For my closing photo today, I thought it would be a good idea to post a warm one, you know, one with no snow. So here we are just a few years ago in Trinidad. If you get a chance to go, you should. We spent years there and enjoyed each and everyone. Trinidad, in a way it’s like Reno, a wonderful place to live.

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