Walkabout, Day 15 — March 15, 2018

18 03 15 001

Here is Renee, who Vesta and I met right after we left our house on our walk to San Rafael Park. She stopped us for directions to College Street, which was a block away. She’s from Quincy, California and is a new student at UNR. After we told her where the street was and, of course, took her photo. We went on to the park and met two more nice people and three nice dogs.

Plus we took a few photos as it started to snow and if you’d like to see and read about our Walkabout, please scroll on down.

18 03 15 002a

As you can see, Renee is holding one of our business cards in her hand and it’s almost the same color as her hair. And how cool is her hair? Way cool. So cool in fact that when we got home, Vesta broke out the Kool Aid and put a red strip in her hair.

18 03 15 003

Vesta saw and photographed this Frost Guard on this car’s front window, as we were walking up Washington toward the park, and you can see her in the back of the mirror on the right as she’s making the photograph. And what a great idea this Frost Guard thing is. I can’t count the times I’ve had to scraped our windows, because of the snow.

18 03 15 004

Vesta thinks this mailbox looks like an old time radio.

18 03 15 005

We were in the park for only a couple minutes, when it started to snow. But there was no wind to speak of and it wasn’t very cold, so we decided to continue on our walkabout, rather than chicken out and hurry on home.

18 03 15 006

Right after I made Vesta’s photograph, Mary and her German Shepard Lola got out of their car. Lola was a very excited dog, jumping around playfully and when Mary tossed a tennis ball, he dashed after it. This lively couple, girl and dog, were on their way to the doggie park part of the park, but they spent a few minutes with us, before they continued on their way.

18 03 15 007

And while they were with us, Mary and Lola posed for this photograph. Do you see that blue thing in Mary’s hand? It’s a ball throwing thing, sort of styled after those things those jai lai guys use, which lets them throw a ball really, really fast and really, really far.

About a quarter hour after we made this photograph, we got to the doggie park and we saw how fast and far Mary could throw that tennis ball with this thing. And we saw how fast Lola is as she chased after it. She’s real fast. Greyhound fast.

18 03 15 008

Here is Ryan, who we met right after we said goodbye to Mary and Lola. He was out walking his dogs, Mugsy and Scruffy. Mugsy is a large, white, German Shepard and Scruffy is a small, I don’t know what kind of dog. And both dogs are friendly as heck.

18 03 15 009

Mugsy is one happy looking dog, though he had a rough time walking, because he just had surgery on one of his legs, so he’s limping along, but his limp apparently has no effect on his good natured smile.

18 03 15 010

Scruffy is a serious looking dog. Serious looking, but very active as well.

I almost teared up when Ryan told us his name, because our cat was named Scruffy and I think about him every time we walk in the park. And I think of him when we walk there, because Vesta and I snuck into the park with our Scruffy after he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and we buried him in a secluded spot, so he could rest forever in the park he loved to roam in.

18 03 15 011

I didn’t have any trouble getting Ryan and Mugsy to look at the camera, but Scruffy just didn’t wanna look at me. I don’t know why, I’m a very doggie friendly person.

18 03 15 012a

There is just something about this photograph of Vesta’s that cries out “Italy.”

18 03 15 014

This trail behind Vesta goes along the rear end of the doggie park part of the park. We like walking along it and watching people and their dogs at play.

18 03 15 015

18 03 15 016

Both Vesta and I took a photo of this tree and how it’s going red, probably because this is what it does, before it goes green with leaves, which it’s gonna do pretty soon. This is Vesta’s picture, because hers was better than mine.

18 03 15 017

18 03 15 018

18 03 15 013

Checking her work.

18 03 15 019

I crouched down low for this one.

18 03 15 020

And, as she often does, she caught me in a comical pose as I was making a photograph. Specifically, the photo above this one.

18 03 15 021

18 03 15 022

18 03 15 023

18 03 15 025

18 03 15 026

18 03 15 027

18 03 15 028

This machine I’m grinding just appeared in the park as if by magic. It’s got four buttons on it and if you wind it up and push one, it talks to you about a plant or tree in the park. We’ll three of the buttons make the machine talk. The first one plays violin music played from a violin made from the kind of trees in the area.

But you can get outta breath winding that thing. It takes a lotta winds to get it talking.

18 03 15 029

Our walkabout in the park over, we’re about to head home, but I wanted to take one last photo of Vesta, cuz I just love those Levi’s.

18 03 15 030

Our closing photo of the day is of the Bridge over the River Kwai. I took this a long time ago. Vesta and I first met this bridge as we rode over it on a train. Yep, the bridge still works. It’s got a sad history and if you haven’t seen the movie or if you don’t know it at all, you should google it.

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