Walkabout, Day 14 — March 14, 2018

18 03 14 001a

Yesterday evening, as we were looking for a parking place downtown, I saw Jordan, Ryan and Ollie the Pig and I asked Vesta to pull over right where we were. She parked and we got out of the car as I was thinking about another pig named Arnold. It’s pretty cool when you think about it, a piggy pet. They’re pretty smart.

Yesterday, we also met Freddy the Butterfly Climber and Charlie the Pokie Man Hunter and we took several pictures along our windy walk along the river, plus we photographed Ollie the Pig and he’s cute and you can see and read all about it by scrolling on down.

18 03 14 002

After we approached Jordan, Ryan and Ollie and told them about our new Walkabout Project, Jordan told me we’d photographed her in our 1001 Days of Faces Project a couple years ago and that they were okay with being in this one and that was pretty cool.

In this photograph, Jordan is giving Ollie a Cheerio treat. Also in this photo, you can see how big Ollie is and he’s only four months old. He weighs in at forty pounds, but he’s expected to top out at about a hundred, so he’s gonna be every bit as big as Arnold Ziffel, the Pig who co-stared with Eva Gabor and Eddie Arnold in the Sixties TV show Green Acres.

18 03 14 003

As you can see, Ollie really is cute.

18 03 14 004

Since we were near the Keystone Bridge, we decided keep our car where it was and to walk the crooked mile, a walking track along the Truckee River through Idlewild Park. I took this photo, just was we entered the Riverwalk, just a short way from the bridge, as we headed into one heck of a head wind which would chilled even penguins and polar bears to the bone.

18 03 14 005

Just before we got into the park, as we were crossing Booth on the Booth Street Bridge, we saw this intrepid fisherman below. He had to have climbed down on the rocks to get to his fishing place and he seemed immune to the cold.

But we’re not polar bears or penguins or a fisherman who is so happy he’s doing what he loves best in his favorite fishing hole that he can shrug off the cold, so we turned around and decided to walk the mile along the Riverwalk to our favorite bridge, the one where we made all those photos at sunrise, because we thought we’d be a lot better off with the chilly wind at our backs, rather then walking into a force ten gale.

18 03 14 006

Here, Vesta photographed me as I’m hanging over the rail along the Riverwalk, camera pointed toward downtown.

18 03 14 007

This is the photo I made as Vesta was photographing me making it.

18 03 14 009

Vesta made this photograph and yes, it was as chilly out as her picture implies.

18 03 14 010

Three quarters of the way to our bridge, we saw a young man climbing the Butterfly Sculptor. A lotta people probably climbed all over it when it was out at Burning Man and this is the second time this week we’ve seen someone on it, but for some reason, I don’t think the City of Reno people who okayed putting the Butterfly by the river, were planning on putting an adult jungle gym downtown.

I’m afraid before long they’re either good put a fence around it or take it down and that’s kinda sad, because it’s really nice, but they’re not gonna want people falling from it and winding up dead on the ground below. That kinda stuff’s okay out on the Playa, but not in Downtown Reno.

18 03 14 011

Here is Freddy, the Butterfly Climber. He had to give up on this climb to the top and come on down, because it was too windy and the top of the sculpture rotates and it was spinning too fast for him to get a handhold.

18 03 14 013

And here is the Butterfly, which I affectionately call, Reno’s Alien.

18 03 14 014

More proof Spring is coming. I’d like to say it’s already here, but it was just too gosh darned cold to say that.

18 03 14 015

Here is Charlie, who passed us, head down, looking at his phone.

“You’re not Pokie Man hunting are you?”

“I am,” he said.

And I told him about our project and like all the Pokie Man hunters we've seen and asked before, he said yes and here he is.

18 03 14 016

Do you see what the wind is doing to Charlie’s hair?

18 03 14 017

18 03 14 018

18 03 14 021

See how windy it was.

18 03 14 020

So windy I’m squinting into it. But I’m thinking that’s not a bad look for me.

18 03 14 019

And here’s Vesta, bundled up against the cold in this photograph that almost makes it look like she’s got giant horns growing out of her head.

18 03 14 022

Here’s another sculptor like art piece downtown which looks like it came from Burning Man, but I don’t know if it did. One thing for sure though, you can’t climb all over this one.

18 03 14 023

“Mexico,” I said as soon as I saw this motorhome.

“For how long?” Vesta said.

“At least five years.”

“I can’t wait.”

18 03 14 024

And lastly, for our closing photo, we’re posting a picture we made just a couple weeks ago, because the radio said we might be getting snow again in a couple days.

Oh please no.

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