Walkabout, Day 13 — March 13, 2018

18 03 13 001a

There are a lotta photographers in the world I strive to be as good as and there is one in Reno. If I was as good as this guy, M.d. Welch, I’d be pretty gosh darned happy with my craft. We met him and his dogs, Inara and River on our Walkabout around the Sparks Marina.

We also met and photographed John and Grace, Starla and Julie, and another young man named John, who was with Tiffany. And we photographed a gorgeous, sometimes rainy Marina and we even got in a few photos of ourselves and you can see and read all about it, by scrolling on down. 

18 03 13 002

Does he look like a photographer? I don’t know, but he’s a pretty gosh darned good one and if you have any doubt at all about my words, you can check him out by clicking anywhere in this sentence and you’ll be taken straight to his website.

18 03 13 003

I always believed if you’re gonna have a dog, have a real one and Inara is a real dog. Seriously, Inara is one gorgeous dog.

18 03 13 004

Another photograph of beautiful Inara.

18 03 13 005

And here is River, who has David Bowie eyes.

18 03 13 006

Because our early morning 1001 Days of Faces Project kept our daily walking and photographing married to Downtown Reno, we’ve missed out on a lotta walking places in Reno and all of them in Sparks. But now, with that project over, we’re free to take our act on the road, or at least all around Northern Nevada and California.

So, this evening finds us in Sparks at the Sparks Marina. And wow, what we’ve missed. You can swim here, who knew? And above you can see the swimming area. They even have lifeguards. And on the other side of the marina they have a little doggie park swimming area, so you can bring your pooch. That’s pretty neat.

18 03 13 007

It’s too cold this evening for people to swim, but not for the birds.

18 03 13 008

It’s a two mile walk around the Marina, which is the same distance as the walk around San Rafael Park, where we walk a lot, but the Marina walk is on flat ground, no ups and no downs. I’ve never minded the downs so much, but I’ve never been fond of the ups. Especially when we’re jogging, jogging up really sucks.

18 03 13 009

They have some high end homes around the Marina and they’re building what looks like new condos, so more people can enjoy the Marina and the views. It’s almost like living in another world. We’re gonna be coming back here a lot.

18 03 13 010

I took this photograph because those red pipes are so colorful. But why did they make ‘em so pretty, when they’re gonna be buried away where nobody can see ’em.

18 03 13 011

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear she was in Ireland, posing in front of a cold, cold sea.

18 03 13 012

“Holy moly, Robin, we’ve been transported to Naples.”

“Too chilly, Batman, I think it’s Amsterdam.”

18 03 13 013

Here are John and Grace, who we met on our walk around the Marina. See how bundled up they are. It’s because it was chilly cold and windy and threatening to rain, which it did, but fortunately not till we got three quarters of the way around, so we didn’t have all that far to go to get to our car.

18 03 13 014

18 03 13 015

Vesta took this photograph of this seagoing looking house. Think the guy who lives here is a sailor. Sure seems so.

18 03 13 016

Here are Starla and Julie, who like us were walking out and about around an almost deserted walkway around the Marina. Sane people, it seems, were staying indoors. Can you blame them?

However, those who were inside watching TV missed out on a brisk, windy, evening, which reminded me more of Scotland than Reno. The few people who were out, were friendly and willing to talk, just like the folks you’d find on a brisk day in Glasgow.


18 03 13 017

I’m betting these little sailboats in the foreground are for sailing glasses for kids.

When we lived on Great White Wonder in the Caribbean, we spent a lot of time anchored off the Five Island Group, which are five tiny islands in the Gulf of Paria, about a mile off the coast of Trinidad. Anyway, often on the weekends a group of about fifteen boats just like these would come sailing on by, all commanded by kids all younger than fourteen or fifteen.

Imagine that, A mile offshore and children sailing along in tiny boats like these.

18 03 13 018

She’s always smiling.

18 03 13 019

Him, not so much.

18 03 13 020

Here are Tiffany and John, happy as all get out. As they came toward us, I noticed that, like everybody else, they weren’t bundled up against the cold, so I said when we came abreast, “You guys gotta be cold.”

And John said, “When you’re next to someone this hot, you don’t get cold.”

18 03 13 021

Do they look happy or what? So naturally, when I gave them our card, I told them we were wedding photographers and if they ever considered, you know, marriage, we were available. And they laughed. But heck, you never know. They could be engaged. They could call someday. It could happen.

18 03 13 022

18 03 13 023

18 03 13 024

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t think birds get cold.

18 03 13 025

So we were on our way home and talking about dinner, when Vesta spied this sign on the Der Wienerschnitzel on McCarran near the Marina which said, “Five Chili Dogs for $5.98.”

And she turned the car into the driveway.

“What?” I said.

“We haven’t had a Der Wienerschnitzel chili dog since we were kids.”

“But we don’t eat glutton and hotdog buns are pure glutton.”

“We’re eating it tonight.” She parked the car. And where she leads, I follow. I’m like a sheep that way.

And I have to admit, those chili dogs tasted just like they did all those years ago. And they’re still messy as all get out to eat. You need a lotta napkins per dog. Just look at the above photo. All this mess is what’s leftover after five dogs, three for me, two for Vesta.

18 03 13 026

Back in the car and back on McCarran and heading home, all of a sudden Vesta turned right on Rancho. “Let go up and get a few shots of downtown.”

I could see why she wanted to do that, because though it was overcast and you couldn’t see the sun under those clouds you could see forever. So we found a construction sight above the city and we photographed the city we love and each other.

18 03 13 027

18 03 13 028

18 03 13 029

18 03 13 030

18 03 13 031

Vesta photographed this sign, which tells one and all, the Marina is a free speech area. And I’m glad of that, but we kinda think the sign shouldn’t have been necessary, because all of America is supposed to be a free speech area.

18 03 13 032

I’ve decided to call these closing photos just that, “The Closing Photo.” And our closing photo of the day is one of Vesta on train tracks, waiting to get run over like Tess Trueheart. Only Vesta’s not tied down. I suppose, because we were in the middle of Nowhere Wyoming and we didn’t have a rope and there were no hardware stores nearby where we could get one.

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