Walkabout, Day 12 — March 12, 2018

18 03 12 001

Here are Steve and Coco, down by the river in Reno. Yesterday, we did our walkabout by the Truckee River, from where it goes through Downtown Reno to Idlewild Park and back and we met Steve and Coco. We also met Jeff, a young entrepreneur who used to grow medical marijuana in California, sold out and got into crypto currency, that’s right, Bitcoin. And we met Sam and Ellie, two girls out walking their dog Ellie. And we met a guy named Zshawn walking his cat named Pasha.

Plus we photographed what we saw along the way and you can read and see our photos about it all by scrolling on down.

18 03 12 002

Walking from downtown toward the Keystone Bridge along the river, about three quarters of the way, you’ll find these steps, which take you right down to the water. Some people like to go down there on warm days and sit and enjoy the river as it rushes on past.

We’ve also met fishermen here and every now and then in the morning we’ve seen travelers and sometimes a homeless person or two sleeping down there. And this is where we met Steve, whose real name is Everett, like the poet, and his dog Coco, enjoying the day.

And it was a good day to enjoy, because it was 64°F outside, warm weather like we haven’t seen since before winter. It’s finally warming up. Hooray.

18 03 12 003

So, I photographed Steve, then as I was about to make another, Vesta shouted from above, “Hey, Silly, look at me.” I did, even though my name isn’t Silly and she took this photo. 

18 03 12 004

Steve asked me how he could see the photos and I reached into my pocket for a card, but stupid me forgot to put some in my pocket and that was really dumb, because we made 5,000 and we want to get rid of them as quickly as possible, because we’re officially changing our name from Wedding Shots to Ken and Vesta Photography and we don’t want to order the new cards till we get rid of all of the old ones and we have 3,000 left.

So, not wanting to lose the opportunity to pass out one of our cards, we went the quarter mile back to our car, got some cards out of the glovebox and came back to Steve. Now only 2,999 left to get rid of. Seriously, I think any day now we’re gonna order new ones and trash the old ones.

18 03 12 005

True love.

18 03 12 006

Soon this tree will be covered in green. Can’t wait. We love Spring, who doesn’t?

18 03 12 007

Vesta took this photograph of a falling leave next to new flowers. “Out with the old, in with the new,” or “Spring is awakening, Winter is dying.”

18 03 12 008

Here is Jeff, he’s only thirty-six, speaks a few languages, has traveled the world, was in Puerto Rico during the last Hurricane and fortunately he had a ticket out and although his house was severely damaged, he was not. Jeff’s from California and when he was young he got a job with a medical marijuana grower, so he got his degree in Agriculture and opened his own medical marijuana business.

Then one day he was at a party in Thailand and even though he mighta had a little too much to drink, when he met a guy who was heavy into crypto currency, Jeff listened when he talked. And when he got back to America, he researched Bitcoin, then he researched it some more, then he started buying.

18 03 12 009

Now Jeff’s about to open his own crypto currency exchange and he officially goes online with it at Coingorilla on March 25. So if you’re interested in trading, you might wanna go there and check him out. And if you don’t wanna wait a dozen more days to learn about him, check out this edition of the Joe and Larry Show on YouTube here: Jeff on YouTube with Joe and Larry, it’s as interesting as all get out.

18 03 12 010

Vesta always manages to take photos that speak to you that I don’t even think about. Just seeing that bench in this photo makes me wonder about all the people who’ve sat on it, thinking about who know’s what as they watched the river flow. Were they happy, sad, depressed, overjoyed. Had someone sat there thinking about how his wonderful was starting all over. Or was it the last week of someone’s life and she was reliving it in her mind, sitting on that bench, knowing soon she’d be dead in the ground.

18 03 12 011

18 03 12 012a

Here are Sam, Reena and Ellie. Sam’s the girl wearing the sunglasses and Ellie’s the dog. When we told them about The Walkabout Project, they were happy to be a part of it. Real happy, just look at those smiles.

18 03 12 013

These girls are very pretty and they’d be the stars of any photograph they’d be in, but here it looks like Ellie is trying to steal the show. Either that, or she’s looking me wondering how come I don’t have a dog biscuit or something good to pay for her looking right at the camera.

18 03 12 014

18 03 12 015

This is the view of the Truckee River you see when you enter Idlewild Park.

18 03 12 016

I was leaning on this tree when I took the above photograph. Vesta made this picture right after I took mine.

18 03 12 017

And as she often does, she got me when I wasn’t expecting it.

18 03 12 018

As we entered the park, we saw this guy walking this monster-sized cat. At first we thought the cat was something exotic, like a lynx or an ocelot, but it was just a very big cat. Still, it was a guy walking his cat the way most people walk their dogs, so we had to talk to him.

His name is Zshawn and the cat’s Pasha. He’s got another cat and when he and his wife go walking, both cats walk with them, without being leashed. And they go on hiking trails all over. How cool is that?

18 03 12 019

And here is Vesta with Zshawn the Cat Whisperer.

18 03 12 020

Vesta photographs these fish almost every time we walk through the park.

18 03 12 021

Vesta made this photograph and we have no idea what these plants are, but it’s a wonderful photograph nonetheless. It’s like a painting, where the artist wants to draw you into the stalk in focus. Just gorgeous, I think so anyway, because it makes me think. Look at if for a minute or so and you’ll see what I mean.

18 03 12 022

The Sun’s going down over the park, so it’s time for us to head back to our car and home.

18 03 12 023

18 03 12 024

On our way out of the park, I spied more of these brown stalky things, so I took Vesta’s photograph in front of them.

18 03 12 025

Then she spied this lone pinecone and photograph it.

18 03 12 026

“Look, marijuana growing in the park,” I said.

“That’s bamboo,” Vesta said.

“Looks like marijuana to me.”

“It’s not.”

“Come on, take my picture in front of the marijuana.” I stood in front of the plants and she took the picture.

“It’s bamboo.”

I know that.”

I don’t think you did.”

“Well it does look like marijuana.”

“Does not.”

“Come on, take another picture,” I said.

“Only if you shut up.”

“Lips are sealed,” I said and she clicked the shutter again.

18 03 12 027

Now, seriously, doesn’t that look like marijuana growing behind me.

18 03 12 028

I kind of like the idea of rummaging through my hard drive, looking for a photo I really like and closing these posts with it. And I think I’m gonna call these photos something simple, I don’t know what yet, but I’ll come up with something by tomorrow.

Anyway, my closing photo today is of Vesta in Red on a tram outside of Hong Kong. You can probably tell by looking at it that I took it a while ago.

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