Walkabout, Day 11 — March 11, 2018

18 03 11 001

We’ve been downtown in the early morning more than most, except probably those who work down there and have to be there as the sun rises, and we’ve never seen fog like this. In this photo, you can see just how foggy it was. Plus, don’t those shoes really look good. Vans, gotta love ‘em.

Also, yesterday in the fog we photographed our last face in our 1001 Days of Faces Project. We also took some foggy downtown photos of the BELIEVE sign, The Virginia Street Bridge, the Space Whale, the downtown Clock Keeper and we did an engagement shoot in San Rafael Park. And you can see our photographs of it all by scrolling on down.

18 03 11 002

Taking photos through our front window as we’re driving is something I almost never do. For one reason, I’m usually driving, but mostly I just don’t like those kinds of photos. But we had fog in Reno and Vesta was driving and everything in front of us was a photograph to me, so I took some shots as we were driving south on Sierra.

18 03 11 003

18 03 11 004

18 03 11 005

I used the above photograph of Eric in our 1001 Days of Face project and I’m useing it again here along with Tim the Clock Keeper’s photo because this was our last day and it was a big deal for us, so we wanted the end of our first project to be somewhere near the beginning of this one.

Below, is what I said in our Faces project.

Here is Eric and he’s the Chef at Reno’s new Stick Sports Lounge on Sierra, just a stone’s throw from our bridge.

Vesta asked him why the name and he said it’s from Candlestick Park, which, incase you’re one of the three people reading this who don’t know, was the stadium in San Francisco where the Giants played baseball and the 49ers played football. It’s gone now.

But some of the seats can be found in The Stick on Sierra Street and on Tuesday you can get four chicken wings for a buck. And since we go to the movies on Tuesdays, we’ll be stopping in, Because The Stick is right next to the theater.

Anyway, when we got to our bridge, Eric was there, in the fog, looking like a bad guy character in a Star Wars movie, so we went right up to him and asked him and he said yes. So, downtown for thirty seconds on our last day and we’d gotten our face.

But we didn’t go home, instead we went walking, because Reno today was socked in with the kind of fog your used to if you live in San Francisco, but not here. It was eerie and spooky and wonderful and gorgeous all at the same time.

In all the days we’ve been going downtown at sunrise, we’ve never seen anything like it. I’m still getting chills cuz it was so fantastic to behold.

18 03 11 006

Here is Vesta this morning on our bridge in the fog. You can barely see the Virginia Street Bridge in the background. This was a spooky morning which made you glad to be alive. This morning was just glorious. We’ve had a lotta great mornings downtown, but this one for sure is in the top ten, maybe even number one.

18 03 11 007

Fog, fog, glorious fog. Who doesn’t love the fog? Well, maybe it’s not so good for driving in, but other than that.

18 03 11 008

18 03 11 009

If she wasn’t smiling, this woulda been a good cover for a spy novel.

18 03 11 010

18 03 11 011

18 03 11 013

She’s still smiling, here and in the photograph below. I was only going to use one of these photographs, but I couldn’t decide, so I’m using them both.

18 03 11 012

18 03 11 014

Reno’s Space Whale and Calf comes in colors. I like this version best, Vesta likes the one below best.

18 03 11 015

18 03 11 016

Even if the world is covered in fog, you can still BELIEVE.

18 03 11 017

The Clock Keeper, that’s Tim. He gets paid no money, but he keeps the clock downtown on time. He’s also one of the people responsible for Reno even having the clock downtown and his name is on the plaque below it.

Nobody knows how this clock wound up in Reno, but when Tim discovered it, he and some others pooled there resources and shipped it to Boston to be refurbished. Then they brought it back and it now sits by the plaza downtown. The plaza the BELIEVE sign calls home.

Vesta and I had just photograph our last face, when we came across Tim and after talking to him we knew today was going to be a two parter. We’ve done more then one face before, in fact we did seven on the day the New Virginia Street Bridge officially opened for traffic. So doing two interesting people on the last day, just seemed like a good idea.

Plus, Tim bought us breakfast at the Cal Neva’s Top Deck and that is way cool. So good on ya Tim.

18 03 11 018

18 03 11 019

18 03 11 020

Here is Tim in front of ours and his clock.

18 03 11 021

18 03 11 022

18 03 11 023

And here she is in front of the plaza, still smiling.

18 03 11 024

When we got back to the Plaza after having breakfast, there wasn’t anywhere near as much fog as earlier, but still I took one last photo, before we walked to our car and headed home.

18 03 11 025

Later on in the day we did Amber and Theron’s engagement shoot in San Rafael Park. They are a handsome couple, which you can see in the photos, who are getting married in July. How cool is that?

18 03 11 026

And here, you know who, is posing with the soon to be newly weds.

18 03 11 027

You know, I’m thinking being a wedding photographer is just about the best job on Earth, because we meet so many happy people, whose eyes are so full of smiles.

18 03 11 028

And here is a photo I took a couple days ago in the park. The great thing about doing landscapes in Reno is our skies. You can photograph the same thing day after day and it’ll always be different, thanks to our ever changing skies.

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