Walkabout, Day 10 — March 10, 2018

Day 10 000a

Since tomorrow is our last day of our 1001 Days of Faces project, I wanted to use a photograph of Vesta in this project today that represents how she feels (actually the project is over now, but our Walkabout posts are always a day late), so I went to a photograph I took of her last year that does just that.

In today’s project post we feature a couple happy couples who are getting married soon, a couple young men we found Pokey Man hunting, Vesta and me and some photographs we took along our walkabout and you can see them by scrolling on down.

Day 10 001

We started our day downtown while it was still dark. This was our second to last day of our 1001 Days of Faces project and after we found our person, we took a short walk, because it wasn’t as cold as it had been lately. And on our walk, we photographed the plaza at the end of West Street.

Having two plazas downtown can be a bit confusing. Because when you tell someone to meet you at the plaza and you forget to say which one, you have a fifty-fifty chance of messing up. 

When we do engagement sessions by the river, I always tell our people which plaza, because I was on the wrong side of that fifty-fifty deal two times before I figured it out.

Day 10 002

This is the Riverwalk, just west of our bridge. The Century Riverside Theatre is at the intersection out our bridge and this walk. Right now they have three movies we wanna see, “The Shape of Water,” “Black Panther” and “Red Sparrow.”

Movies are only five bucks on Tuesdays and so we’re gonna try and get all three of them in this coming Tuesday. We’ve often down two in a day, but we’ve done three a few times, usually with a late lunch break after the first two.

Day 10 003

We actually made this photograph yesterday on our walkabout by the river, but I didn’t use it then and I should have because it’s a good photo. So here it is now. This young couple climbed to the top of the Burning Man Butterfly sculpture downtown (I’ve always called it the Alien downtown).

I’ve included a couple photographs I’ve made of the sculpture last year below, so you can get a good idea of how up they were. Because the sculpture was made for Burning Man, there was a ladder on it, which you can see in the photos below.

When it was out on the Playa people were probably all over it all the time, but we didn’t see it at Burning Man. We’ve been out there a few times, but we missed the one where the Alien (or the Butterfly, depending if you’re talking to me or someone else) made it’s debut.

Sammy 004 The Alien in Reno a

Butterfly Alien

Day 10 004

Today we had back to back engagement sessions at San Rafael Park, so that’s where we took our long walkabout, you know, since we were gonna be there anyway. It had rained a little, but we were able to walk around the muddy and wet places.

In Vesta’s photograph above, you can see that Spring is one the way. She likes these kind of pictures, because she’s a “the glass is half full, yippee” kind of person.

Day 10 005

A lot of folks stay indoors on gloomy overcast days, but they’re the days we like the best, because the light is so good. It’s hard to take a bad picture in this kind of light.

And this would be perfect wedding light. Vesta and I think so anyway. But brides always seem to want a bright sun shinny wedding. Go figure.

Day 10 006a

Here are Madison and Brandon, who were our first engagement couple of the day. They smiled a lot for their photos, but I always try to get this kind of look whenever I can. If you look at Madison, you can see that she’s just about ready to break out laughing.

Day 10 007a


Day 10 008

I swear, she looks like Cybill Shepherd.

Day 10 025 pp

I made this photograph of Vesta between our two photo sessions. She’s pretty happy here. Happier than usual and she’s happy all the time.

Day 10 009

Here are Kathleen and Andrew, who were out second engagement session of the day. Here, they look like they belong on the cover of one of those movie magazines you see in the checkout line at any supermarket.

Day 10 010

Is he strong or what? He’s not even breaking a sweat.

Day 10 011

Here they’re really rocking the look. I know, I know, engagement shoots are supposed to be about smiles and such and most of the photos we do are smily, happy ones.

But I really, really love the movie star look. 

Day 10 012

Vesta likes taking this kind of photograph. I’ve learned to live with it. 

Day 10 013

And one more time, Kathleen and Andrew are rocking the movie star look.

Day 10 014

This girl has nine, count ‘em, nine suiters. To me all ducks look the same, but she must be one beautiful duck to other ducks. To the boy ducks anyway.

Day 10 015

This is how they used to tell time, you know, before clocks were invented.

Day 10 016a

Here are Alec and Shane. We met them in the park as they were out Pokie Man hunting. You might’ve thought that craze was over, but we still see people out hunting them, especially in the park.

But it’s not anywhere like it used to be. For awhile there, there were lots of Pokie Man hunters downtown before the dawn, scooping them up by the river. They were everywhere.

Day 10 017

And like with everybody else, I asked them to look serious, like they were on the cover of a movie magazine and here they are, giving the camera the movie star look.

Day 10 018

Again, in this photograph of Vesta’s, you can see that Spring is coming. Hooray.

Day 10 019

This photograph reminds me of everything Steven King. You just know if you take those steps down into those trees, something monstrously bad is out there, waiting for you.

Day 10 021

Dark and Gloomy. It is if that’s the way you process the photograph.

Day 10 020

Or bright and cheery, hooray Spring is coming. It is if that’s the way you process the photograph. It’s just amazing to me that you can take the same photograph and get two completely different feelings out of it.

Day 10 022

These are some kind of succulents, I don’t know what, but Vesta has a couple of them on our coffee table. She bought ‘em at Home Depot, she didn’t steal ‘em from the park. But these are the same kind, so I thought I should just throw that out there just incase anybody got the wrong idea.

Day 10 023

I've told her she looks like a witchy woman in that coat, but she doesn’t seem to care.

Day 10 024 pp

We’ve been passing these pretty brown stalky things in the park for the last few weeks, but they’re only about four feet high, so I’ve never been able to get anyone in a photo with them in the background. Then I finally figured it our. If Vesta sat in front of them and I sat to make the photograph, it would look like she was out in a corn field. Maybe. Anyway, I like it.

Day 10 027

And here is the original uncropped version of the photograph at the top of this post.

Day 10 026

I took this photograph the day after they officially opened the new Virginia Street Bridge. It’s just possible that I over producded it. Anyway, below you can see what I wrote about it back then.


Sunrise over the new Virginia Street Bridge.

Here is our new bridge at sunrise. Also in this photograph, you can see the brand new paint job on the old Sienna Casino, which is now the new Marriott Hotel.

Vesta and I used to go to Manhattan a couple times a year when we were younger and we always stayed at the Marriott Marquee and every single memory of all those times at that hotel is wonderful. If this hotel has even a fraction of the class their Manhattan hotel has, Downtown Reno just moved up a notch or two as a place for vacationers.

Not that Reno wasn’t already a great place to vacation. It was and is. But, check out the new Marriott, it’s right on the river, right downtown, right in the middle of all the fun.

Now, as far as our new bridge is concerned. We like it. But I’m conflicted about the lights under it. I think it would be prettier at night, at least in my photographs of it, if they’d turn ‘em off. Or, at the very least, tell me where the on/off switch is, so I could turn ’em off whenever I wanna take a picture of it.

That’d be cool.

Maybe I’ll drop by City Hall and ask ‘em about it.


See you tomorrow.

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