Our Walkabout Project is a ninety day walk around Reno endeavor. We are going to try to walk all of Reno’s parks, walking paths and interesting parts, photographing people and places along the way.

If we’ve met you and photographed you on our short journey, you can find your photograph by clicking on the picture below, dated with the day we met you. And if we photographed you, thank you for letting us and being part of this project.  

We are just finishing up our 1001 Days of Faces project as I’m righting this, only nine days out of a thousand and one to go. So where do we go from there? Somewhere, that’s for sure. And since we like meeting new people everyday, we decided to do another Faces project.

However, in our 1001 Days project, we usually only posted one photograph, both here and on Facebook. However, we never go anywhere, well almost never, without our cameras and every morning we each took four or five, sometimes more photographs, which we never posted anywhere.

We still do that, take photos everyday, and obviously we can’t post that many on Facebook or even Instagram, people would think we’re egomaniacal photographers. So, we’ll continue to post a photograph of our face or faces of the day in this project, but we’ll also include the photos we took along our walk to find them, both of the scenery and sometimes even of ourselves. But not on Facebook. There, I’ll leave a link to the photographs here, so those who are interested, can follow it and see our other photos and those who are not, can just not click on the link.

That way we can kinda be egomaniacal photographers, without shoving our egos into people’s Facebook who don’t wanna see ‘em.

Anyway, for those of you who do click on our links to see our other photos, we hope you like them.

So this is our new Walkabout Project, Vesta's and mine, which is going to overlap with the last ten days of our 1001 Days of Faces Project. We walk somewhere every evening, trying to get in somewhere between two or three miles.

Some evenings we do the two mile walk around San Rafael Park and with the half mile walk there and half mile home again that's three miles. And some evenings we walk around Virginia Lake a couple/three times. It's a mile around. And some evenings we walk along the river, from downtown to Idlewild Park and back and that's between two and three miles, depending on how far we walk into the park.

And we see lots of people, say hello to lots of people and now we're going to photograph some of them, which is way cool for us, because we're on the walk anyway and it's in the evening, not at sunrise, so we can maybe sleep in some mornings.

Plus, when we do get up early, we can go someplace besides Downtown Reno to make a photograph. And, just between you and me, I'm getting just a little bit tired of photographing the Virginia Street Bridge at sunrise. And really, the sun does rise in other places.

As for the title of this project, "Walkabout," we're borrowing it from Australia. If you haven't seen the Crocodile Dundee movie, a walkabout is a right of passage for a young Aborigine males between the ages of ten to fifteen or sixteen. They go on 'walkabout,' which is like leaving the nest for a few months, living off the land and learning how to be a man. Or something like that. There's a bunch of studies about the Walkabout and some now call it "temporary mobility.”

But I prefer 'Walkabout,' and I love the romantic nature of it. When we first heard of it, I loved the idea of it. We were somewhere in the middle of nowhere Australia in a little pub in a small outback town.

The bar had two rooms and of all the race car crews (Vesta and I were in a road race from Sydney to Darwin) we got one of the rooms, cuz I was smart enough to study the track ahead and when I saw where it was going, I made some phone calls (Google hadn't been invented yet) found out about the bar and those two rooms and I called ahead and reserved one of 'em.

So although we didn't get there anywhere near first, we got one of those rooms. And it was in that bar, where we learned about walkingabout. So although we're not going into the wilderness for three or four or more months any time soon, I like to imagine we are every evening when we start on our walk.

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