Walkabout, Day 30 — April 10, 2018

18 04 10 050

This evening Vesta and I went walkabout at Bartley Ranch. We’ve done about a half dozen or so engagement shoots there, so we’re familiar with the old church, the buildings right out of the old west and the farm equipment. But we’d never walked the trails there. Truth be told, we didn’t even know they had trails.

We parked outside the park and walked in, because I wanted to photograph the entrance. As soon as you get into the park, you see the church on the left. Continuing on you pass the ranger’s quarters and the western buildings and the tractors. They’ve added an old truck which is nice, because it’s very photographical.

They have corrals there and an amphitheater and once you pass those, you can find one of the walking trails. We took it till it ended then we did another one and according to Vesta’s walking app, we did a little over two miles. And along the way, we met a couple nice people and three fine dogs.

In short, Bartley Ranch is an excellent place to go walkabout. 

18 04 10 051

18 04 10 052

When you see flowers in these posts, you can bet Vesta’s the one who photographed them. She just likes them way more that I do. The same with blossoms on trees, like in the photograph below.

18 04 10 053

18 04 10 054

This spooky looking photograph looks like the kind of place you’d find somebody named Crowley living. You know, like right out of a horror story. However, the doggie in the photograph below doesn’t look so scary and his name is Crowley.

18 04 10 055

18 04 10 056

I don’t know what kind of animal this is, but she let me get close enough for this photo.

18 04 10 057

It is these buildings, which look like they’re right out of the old west, that makes this park such a nice place for engagement and family photos.

If you look to the right side of this photo, you can see Vesta. She’s the little person in the background taking a picture.

18 04 10 058

The truck in this photo and in the two below is new to us. True, it’s been a couple years since we’ve worked in this park, so it could’ve been around for awhile. It’s kinda neat and like I said above, it’s very photographical.

18 04 10 059

18 04 10 060

18 04 10 061

18 04 10 062

18 04 10 063

18 04 10 064

Boy howdy, Vesta and I were in the Goodwill Bargain Bin the other day, which is where stuff the Goodwill can’t sell goes to get sold by the pound and we found this tee shirt. I have one just like it, but it’s an extra large, which is the size I wear. This one’s a medium and tight. But how in the world could I pass it up?

I don’t know what’s more upsetting to me, finding my book, RUNNING SCARED in the Bargain Bin for a quarter (books are not sold by the pound, they go for a quarter for paperbacks and half a buck for hardbacks) or this tee shirt for about forty cents.

On the way home, we talked about the guy or girl who’d owned this shirt. Was he or she a rock and roller who collected bootlegs. Did she listen to the Rolling Stones ad infinitum or did he download all those Dylan concerts you can find online. And was he or she still alive, because nobody would let a shirt like this get away from them if they still lived.

Unless, of course, they got hit on the head and lost their memory.

18 04 10 065

18 04 10 066

18 04 10 067

18 04 10 068

This is a guy we met on the trail named John, who looks like a secret agent man.

18 04 10 069

18 04 10 070

18 04 10 071

18 04 10 072

18 04 10 074

18 04 10 075

18 04 10 076

18 04 10 077

18 04 10 078

I don’t know what you call these steps out in the middle of the trail, but they’re used to get up on your horse, if you have one, because you’re supposed to get off and lead your horse, again if you have one, across the bridge in the photo above Vesta and I suppose the trail making park people think you maybe you need the help. But heck, isn’t that what stirrups are for?

18 04 10 079

18 04 10 080

Here is Debbie, who Vesta and I met on the trail as she was out walking her dogs, Phoebe and Max.

18 04 10 081

This is Phoebe

18 04 10 082

And this is Max.

18 04 10 083

Here they are, Phoebe and Max together.

18 04 10 084 shake

And here they are, all three, Debbie, Phoebe and Max.

18 04 10 085

This is Windy Hill. Years ago, according to Debbie, it used to be called Lover’s Lane, because there wasn’t much out here and lovers came to— Well, you can imagine what lovers came here to do.

18 04 10 087


18 04 10 088

18 04 10 089

18 04 10 090

18 04 10 091

18 04 10 093

18 04 10 094

18 04 10 095

18 04 10 096

18 04 10 086

Looks like a stome coming. It’s getting late and cold too. Time to go home.

18 04 10 097

18 04 10 098

18 04 10 092

Two miles under out belts and it’s back where we started.

18 04 10 099

We drove up Lakeside on our way home and as we got to Virginia, the sky was gorgeous, so we pulled over and I made a picture. Vesta wanted to walk around the lake, but I didn’t have a jacket, so we didn’t.

See you tomorrow.

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