Walkabout, Day 29 — April 9, 2018

18 04 10 001

We left home about an hour before sundown, heading toward Audrey Harris Park. We’d driving by it a couple of times in the past, but we didn’t know it was a park, we just thought it was a lookout point, because it’s on a road that goes up a hill, behind Bartley Ranch. You know, a place where people pull of the road to take pictures.

But it’s more than that. At least, according to Vesta, because she googled it. And she and google were right. It’s true, it is a lookout point, but there’s a trail off to the right of the parking lot, which goes down the hillside, where it meets a bridge.

If you turn left at the bridge, the trail will take you to Bartley Ranch. And if you go straight, it’ll take you to another trail and we don’t know where that goes, because we took the left turn.

Along the way, we met and photographed five other people who were out walking and two dogs.

As for the trail, it’s easy going down, but you have to remember, what goes down, must come up (actually, I think it’s the other way around, but I’m sure you get what I mean), at least if you parked your car at the top, like we did. But the walk, both down and back up again, isn’t too steep.

It’s a fun walk and we’ll be back again.

18 04 10 002

That’s a corral at Bartley Ranch below. And yes, it’s shaped like Nevada.

18 04 10 003

18 04 10 004

This is the trail going down the hill. See, it’s not too steep.

18 04 10 005

18 04 10 006

18 04 10 008

Here’s Vesta on that bridge, we didn’t cross it, but if we had, we’d’ve been off on another trail. We’re saving that for another day.

18 04 10 007

18 04 10 009

18 04 10 010

Sometimes Vesta really makes me look good.

18 04 10 011

18 04 10 012

18 04 10 013

18 04 10 014

18 04 10 015

18 04 10 016

Here are Steve and Ryan. Steve’s the one with hair. Ryan’s the other guy. We met them between the bridge and Bartley Ranch. Ryan told us they were going to go to the gym, but that walking seemed like a better idea. 

Vesta and I belonged to a gym in Huntington Beach once. We joined for a year and we went everyday for about week, then we never went again.

18 04 10 017a

18 04 10 018b

18 04 10 019

Think there are any ancient burial mounds in Nevada? If so, could this be one of ‘em?

18 04 10 020

18 04 10 021

18 04 10 022

18 04 10 023

And sometimes she doesn’t make me look so good, even if that is my good side.

18 04 10 024

18 04 10 025

18 04 10 026

About a quarter mile or so, after making the left turn at the bridge, you’ll come to a wooden walkway and you can see it behind Vesta. That walkway takes you to the parking lot at Bartley Ranch. You can park there if you don’t want to walk the trial to the top, but we didn’t know that, so we were going to have to walk up. But it wasn’t so bad.

18 04 10 027

Here are Phil and Kim, who we met at the beginning of that wooden path. They looked like perfect black and white candidates, so I processed the photo in both color and b&w.

18 04 10 028

18 04 10 031

Here is Tony, who we met right after we said goodbye to Phil and Kim. He was out walking his dogs, Puffy Girl and Chloe. Chloe’s the pug. Tony told us that he’d had pugs his whole life, but now he’s got a non pug dog, but I’m guessing that’s okay with him, cuz Puffy Girl looks like one happy dog.

And, sorry Chole, she’s a lot prettier than you.

18 04 10 029a

18 04 10 030a

18 04 10 032

And here’s the wooden walkway to Bartley Ranch that we didn’t take. From here back up to the top, according to Vesta’s walking app, was a mile and a half. We usually do about two miles, but since the way back was up, I’m sure we got the same, or maybe even more, exercise than if we’d done two miles on flat ground.

18 04 10 033

18 04 10 034

18 04 10 035

18 04 10 036

18 04 10 037

And off in the distance you can see the Atlantis Casino and the Grand Sierra behind it and to the right, if you could see it, downtown Reno.

18 04 10 038

18 04 10 039

18 04 10 041

Again, the Atlantis and the Grand Sierra Casinos.

18 04 10 040

18 04 10 042

18 04 10 043

Just about the end of our walk up. That car at the top, behind Vesta, that’s ours.

18 04 10 044

Back at the top, we waited for the light to change, so we could get a few golden hour photos.

18 04 10 045

18 04 10 046

18 04 10 047

Vesta drove home as I sat with my camera in my lap. And becasue it was in my lap, I was able to make this photograph through the front window, when I saw these trees as she was about to make the turn off Urban to Arlington. I took the picture, because I thought the trees, with the light leftover from the setting sun behind them, were kinda pretty.

See you tomorrow.

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