Walkabout, Day 25 — March 31, 2018

18 03 31 051

It was Sunday, the day before April Fool’s Easter Sunday. We were at my brother John’s in the Apple Valley High Desert and we wanted to take photos of the sunrise over the Belmont Pier in Long Beach, California, which was two hours away. So we left at 4:00 in the morning.

We used to live about a two and a half minute walk from the pier and we used to see gorgeous sunrises from on it and by it, but sadly we’d never photographed it during those sunrises and we should have, so we’d decided to finally do it.

However, when we got there all of the beach cities, from Long Beach to Newport Beach, were socked in with fog. So there went our sunrise photos, right out the window. But we were there and we had cameras. And it was kinda eerie, the fog.

So we decided to make photographs anyway. The one above is of a Pelican we met on the Huntington Beach Pier. More about him below, way down below. Before I get to him, I’m going to show photos we took at the Belmont Pier and Seal Beach Pier and then finally we’ll get to the Huntington Beach Pier and Mr. Pelican. 

18 03 31 001

We left Victorville, planning on getting breakfast and coffee at Mickey D’s, but when we got there the sign said they didn’t open till 6:00, so no java for us till we got to Long Beach. And when we got there, it was still plenty dark out and the only thing open was the Jack In the Box near the Pier, so it’s there we went and had the worst fast food we’ve ever had and we’ve had plenty of bad fast food in our lives.

My advice, steer clear of J in the B.

As for the above photo, Vesta took it as soon as we got out of the car at the pier. She’s a fan of  shadowy silhouettes and I guess I am too.

18 03 31 002

Usually, when we get somewhere where we’re going to take photos, we set our settings, then test them by taking a photograph of each other. The one above, I took of Vesta and the one below, she took of me. Well, I suppose that’s obvious.

18 03 31 003

18 03 31 004

I saw art here, with this tree in the fog and the yellow lights, so I took a series of photographs, trying to get just the right one. These three were the top contenders. I really don’t know which one I like best.

18 03 31 005

18 03 31 006

18 03 31 007

I caught her when she wasn’t looking.

18 03 31 008

Now she’s looking.

18 03 31 009

18 03 31 010

I was trying to get a gull in flight, but she was too fast for me.

18 03 31 011

This guy was walking. Not so difficult to get his photograph.

18 03 31 012

This girl was standing still. Even easier to photograph.

18 03 31 013

This part of the pier is under construction. I guess they’re making repairs. It looks spooky in the fog.

18 03 31 014a

Actually, everything looks spooky in the fog, especially a pier that looks like it ends somewhere past nowhere, out there in the foggy mist.

18 03 31 016

18 03 31 017

All the restroom doors are open for cleaning. Good thing we didn’t have to go.

18 03 31 018

18 03 31 019

Off the pier now, we decided to wander around and take some photos, before driving to Seal Beach, because we were on walkabout after all. So we wanted to put in at least a mile, well maybe a half mile, at each stop.

Walking though the parking lot, we saw out there all by itself, this Nineteen Sixty-Something VW Beetle.

“It looks sad and unloved,” I said.

“I’d love it if I had it,” Vesta said.

So, I photographed it.

18 03 31 020

Palm trees are beautiful in the Tropics. Beautiful in Southern California too. Beautiful and gorgeous on sunny days. Beautiful and ghostly in the fog.

18 03 31 021

18 03 31 022

Now this is a spooky looking tree, especially with that light behind it. We were quite taken with this tree and we photographed it from every possible angle. We even photographed ourselves by it. But this, the first photograph, is the best. Maybe we should have stopped with this one, but we didn’t.

18 03 31 023

18 03 31 024

18 03 31 025

18 03 31 027a

18 03 31 028

Spring is supposed to be here, but it’s coming late this year, however it’s coming.

18 03 31 029

18 03 31 030

At Seal Beach now. It’s still foggy, though we’ve been out in it for a couple hours. And as you can see, the Seal Beach palm trees look just as ghostly as the Long Beach ones in Belmont Shore.

18 03 31 031

I don’t know what the plaque says, probably something like, “Welcome to Seal Beach,” but I don’t really know.

18 03 31 032

Here’s the Seal Beach clock, dressed up for Easter.

18 03 31 033

And here’s a closeup of the clock. I’m guessing I took this photo at right around twenty-five till eight.

18 03 31 034

A foggy photo of the Seal Beach pier, looking like another pier to nowhere. I took this one. Vesta took the one below. She captured the gull. Maybe it’s the one I didn’t get back in Long Beach, the one who was too fast for me.

18 03 31 035

18 03 31 036

A lone fisherman.

18 03 31 037

A lone surfer. At least I think he’s a surfer, he was heading out, but I’ve never seen one heading out, standing and paddling like this before.

18 03 31 038

Here are, from left to right, Sue, Audrey and Gail. They were out enjoying the foggy morning air when we met them.

18 03 31 039

Vesta said I need a new profile photo for Facebook, but I really like the cartoony one I have with Scruffy the Cat, but she insisted and since her wish is my command, I let her pose me for this shot.

18 03 31 040

This is my friend Herman.

18 03 31 041

Off the pier now and on Main Street in Seal Beach, we decided to walk up to PCH (the Pacific Coast Highway) and back to the car, because we were on walkabout after all, so we gotta log those miles.

The photo above is of a mermaid in a store window. I didn’t get the name of the store, but reading the words below the mermaid, I’m guessing that maybe it’s called, “Beach House.” Just a guess, but an educated one.

18 03 31 042

Another mermaid in the same store window.

18 03 31 043

We’re in Huntington Beach now and here’s the sign on PCH for Ruby’s Surf City Diner, which is on the end of the HB Pier. We lived a couple years at the foot of the pier, in the only condos on the sand in HB and I’m ashamed to say, we’ve never eaten there. I don’t know why, but we just never did.

18 03 31 044

Sandy’s is a Restaurant on the sand, near the pier. Vesta made this photograph, because she likes colored lights, they remind her of Christmas.

18 03 31 045

Here she zoomed in on those lights.

18 03 31 046

The Huntington Beach Pier. It’s still foggy, but you can see the end of the pier.

18 03 31 047

Two Lovers.

18 03 31 048

And here’s that Pelican again. This guy really was a ham. I took the bottom two shots from about two feet away with a wide angle lens. And all he did was give me a look. However, after I made the photos and backed away, this guy told me the pelican was a media whore and that he bites.

“Bites,” I said, looking at his beak, “I bet that hurts.”

“You bet,” the guy said.

Anyway, he didn’t bite me.

18 03 31 049

18 03 31 050

18 03 31 052

18 03 31 053

Fishing in the fog.

18 03 31 054

Another lone fisherman. He’s on the other side of the pier, opposite the guys above. One would think, since one side was full of fisherman and the other was not, that maybe one side had more fish biting, but what do I know?

18 03 31 055

Foggy as it was, there were a lotta surfers looking for waves in Huntington Beach.

18 03 31 056

I didn’t think it would be possible to make a good photograph of water lapping the shore, so I didn’t take one, but Vesta did and she did. She was right.

Laura in Her Wedding Dress

We came to the beach for a bright yellow sunrise and were greeted with fog. So we did the best we could. But I really wanted to post sunny beach photos, so my closing photos (two today) were taken last year in Huntington Beach, when we photographed beautiful Nicole in her wedding dress.

LauraJay 0115

And here is Vesta with the Bride. I actually have a lotta photos of Vesta with a bride. I never get tired of taking them.

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