Walkabout, Day 24 — March 27, 2018

18 03 27 001

Vesta’s made a list of all the parks and walking places in Reno and we’re going to try and go walkabout in all of them before this project is finished. Tonight, she drove us to Dorostkar Park, in Northeast Reno. We pulled into the parking lot there about an hour before sundown and it didn’t look like much. Actually, I thought it looked boring. Boy was I wrong.

18 03 27 002a

Usually, the first thing I do when I get out of the car with a camera in hand is to take a test shot. And guess who I usually take my test shot of.

18 03 27 023a

We saw a little bridge, which went over a little tributary of the Truckee River straightaway so, because we’re bridge people, we stood on it and we each made a photograph and there’s one above and one below these words. I got the photos mixed up after I loaded and renumbered them, so I don’t know which photograph is mine or Vesta's. Anyway, she took one of ‘em and I took the other.

18 03 27 023b

18 03 27 003

And it’s the same with these two photographs as well. Vesta took one and I took the other. This is the asphalt path we took from the parking lot. It goes a long way and we headed east and went a long way on it, but not all the way. Had we done that, we might still be walking.

18 03 27 004

18 03 27 005

We walked about about a quarter mile on the asphalt path, when we saw a narrower dirt path, veering off to the left, so we took it and it took us to a narrower path along the river, where we had two choices, turn right and continue east or turn left and go west. And like Horace Greeley, we went west.

And though the path was narrow and overgrown and a bit wild, the other side of the river was domesticated with a lotta grand homes overlooking the running water. This is one of those homes. It looks secluded, but it’s about a thirty seconds from civilization and less than ten minutes from downtown Reno.

18 03 27 006

18 03 27 007

18 03 27 008

You can see how narrow the pathway was in this photograph. Vesta is standing in the middle of a fallen cottonwood tree. How they, whoever they are, cut the pathway through the cottonwood, I don’t know.

Also, I quite like my shadow in this photograph. It’s kinda cool.

18 03 27 009

Here is a close up of the pathway cut through the cottonwood.

18 03 27 010

We never get tired of photographing our river, which is still pretty high, because of the late snowfall we had the week before last. The day of rain the day before yesterday helped too.

18 03 27 011

18 03 27 012

It really was a narrow pathway.

18 03 27 013

Whenever we post a photo like this, it’s way better than an even chance that Vesta took it.

18 03 27 014

I went down to the river, because I wanted to touch the water. It’s not the Caribbean Sea we love so much and it’s not the Pacific either, but it’s still pretty cool.

18 03 27 015

I looked up and Vesta took my picture, so I took hers too and you can my photograph of her below.

18 03 27 016

18 03 27 017

18 03 27 018

18 03 27 019

18 03 27 020

18 03 27 021

18 03 27 022

18 03 27 024

18 03 27 025

You know, that ten cent hat really is growing on me.

After Vesta made this picture, we continued west on the narrow path, not knowing where we were going to wind up and we wound up back where we’d started. And according to the walking app on Vesta’s phone, we’d gone exactly a quarter mile, so we decided to do it all over again.

18 03 27 026

Here is Mary, who we met when we got back on the asphalt path. She’s the first person we’d come across and before we saw her, I was beginning to think this would be a peopleless post and I was a little down about that, because I enjoy meeting and photographing people when we go out.

So, I was really happy when Mary said she’d be happy to join our project and here she is.

18 03 27 027

18 03 27 028

When it rains it pours. Well, it wasn’t really pouring people on the pathway, but Megan did happen along just as I finished photographing Vesta and Mary together. She was walking her dog Jackson, but sadly, Jackson was whippet quick in his movements so none of my photos of him came out.

18 03 27 029

About fifteen minutes later, we ran into Mary again and again I photographed her. This time as she was walking toward us.

18 03 27 030

Here Vesta is standing under the Mayberry bridge over the pathway through the park. Mary told us that if we continued on the pathway, we’d wind up in Mayberry Park, but we didn’t. We’re saving that park for a future walkabout.

18 03 27 035

But we did walk about five minutes past the bridge, before we turned and headed back to Dorostkar Park. And just before we turned around, we met Kristin and Kevin, who were out Pokemon hunting. And can you tell by their hats, that there are serious Pokemon hunters?

After I took their photograph, I handed them our card and just as we were about to say goodbye, I did what Vesta says I shouldn’t when we meet and photograph couples on our walks, I asked them if they were married.

“We’re not,” Kristin said, “but we’ve been going together for ten years.”

“Let me see that.” I took our card out of her hand, held it so they could both read the words on it. “It’s says ”Wedding Photography.” I said.

“I saw that,” she said.

“Ten years. It’s about about time.”

They laughed as Vesta elbowed me.

I gave the card back to her, smiled and said, “You should think about it. And if you do decided to pull the trigger, give us a call.”

Then we shook hands and said goodbye.

“You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?” Vesta said when we were out of earshot.

“I’m a bad boy.”

“You are, you really are.”

18 03 27 031

And then we were back on the narrow path, because we still needed to walk a half mile to get our two miles in.

18 03 27 032

This looks like a place where trolls live.

18 03 27 033

18 03 27 034

18 03 27 036

18 03 27 038

18 03 27 037

It’s from this little bridge that I took the two photographs below. The sun was just about to set and if you wanna get a sunset shot, sometimes you have to wait for it. So we waited.

18 03 27 040

18 03 27 041

18 03 27 042

Eleven minutes after I made the sunset shots above, we were pulling into our driveway. Eleven minutes, that’s not really that far from a great place for an evening walk. It’s only two minutes longer than our nine minute walk to San Rafael Park. And we’ve only begun to explore the pathways at Dorostkar Park, so we’ll be back.

And as we pulled into our driveway, I saw the colorful evening sky, So I took a couple more pictures. This one is of Vesta’s favorite tree. The one we see outside our bedroom window.

18 03 27 043

And here is a photo of The Strand, looking east from the middle of the street behind our garage.

18 03 27 044

Say what?

For our closing photograph today, I’m going back to one Vesta took during our walkabout today. Am I rocking that ten cent hat or what?

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