Walkabout, Day 21 — March 21, 2018

10 03 21 001

This evening finds us walking down Ralston, our street near UNR, down to Whitaker Park, because we got side tracked the last time we went this way on St. Patrick’s Day. It had just stopped raining, and again, the sky was overcast, which makes for nice pictures.

If I had my way, the sky would go overcast every time I walked out the door with a camera in my hand, but since I can’t have my way, I try to walk out the door with a camera every time we have overcast skies.

10 03 21 002

However, we got sidetracked again and we made a diagonal left on Cordel Way when we got to the corner. This is a short street with some interesting homes. This family has a yard with lots of stuff in it and it’s all very photographical, as you can see in the above picture and the one below.

10 03 21 002a

10 03 21 004

These people have a VW bus on a trailer in front of their house, so I’m guessing they just bought it. How cool would it be to go an on a six thousand mile American road trip in that? Especially if you stayed of the interstate and took back roads.

10 03 21 005

The also have this covered wagon in their driveway. That’s pretty neat too. I don’t know if their VW bus can pull this, but what if it could? If it could, you could really have fun, driving America’s byways and highways.

10 03 21 005a

As you can see, I’m still wearing the hat.

10 03 21 005b

Yep, it’s all about the hat. Actually, I’m wearing it as I’m writing this as I’m still trying to get used to it. in fact, I even whore it to breakfast this morning.

“I get you’re trying to change your image,” Vests said, “but don’t you think you’re taking it a little far?”

“I’m not trying to change anything,” I said. “Besides, it was your idea. You know, so I could doff my hat at people we meet.”

“I don’t think I was serious.”

“You were.”

“If I was, I didn’t mean you should never take it off.”

“I don’t wear it in the shower.”

“You wore it to bed last night.”

“That’s cuz I forgot I had it on.”

“I need a gun.”

10 03 21 007

When we got to the end of short Cordel Way, we turned right on 11th, then made a quick left into the ally behind Ralston. We’d never been down this ally before, but that’s what going walkabout is all about, going places you’ve never been before, even if they're only right around the block.

10 03 21 008

Here is Dakota, sitting in his Jeep Grand Cherokee. We met him as we were strolling and photographing stuff in the ally. He was in his car when we came by, so I walked up to his window and asked if he’d like to be a part of this project. He said yes, and here he is, both in this photograph and in the portrait below.

10 03 21 008a

10 03 21 009

There are a lotta murals in Reno, especially in MidTown. It looks like this person decided to paint his own.

10 03 21 009a

Vesta photographed this Christmas ornament. She thinks it fell out of a trash can as it was being emptied into the trash truck. I didn’t think so at the time, but now I’m thinking we shoulda picked it up and now I wanna go back and see if it’s still there, because it looks like it’d make a nice addition to our tree, come Christmas.

10 03 21 009b

We passed a house whose owner likes to save stuff, Like this old boat, which is never gonna be on the water again and the SUV below, which is never gonna be on the road again. I wonder what he’s got in that chained up box car container behind Vesta.

10 03 21 011-4

10 03 21 011-4a

Vesta finds a photograph, wherever she goes, like on the side of this apartment building at the end of the ally.

10 03 21 013

Out of the ally, we turned right and here we are, finally, at Whitaker Park. It’s not very big, but it’s got great trees and we walk that short trail through it almost everyday.

10 03 21 015

10 03 21 015a

10 03 21 015b

10 03 21 015c

Looking really cool in the park in that great ten cent hat. Really cool.

10 03 21 017

This tree is growing on the cornier of University Place and Washington. If you walk up Washington for about a half mile or so, you’ll be in San Rafael Park, where we take a lotta photos.

10 03 21 019

Some stuff in a yard on Washington.

10 03 21 019a

A wooden bear in another yard on Washington.

10 03 21 020-2

Another great tree on Washington.

10 03 21 021

We’ve always liked this little house on Washington. I suppose because of the enclosed porch. We had one of those when we lived on Sinclair in MidTown a couple years ago and we ate breakfast in it every morning, as we watched people stroll on by. And I suppose they watched us eat.

10 03 21 021a

Here’s a shot of that enclosed porch. Now admit it, wouldn’t it be a great place for breakfast? Lunch and dinner too, for that matter.

10 03 21 024

what makes this house stand out is that gorgeous rock chimney. Plus they have a monster-sized side yard.

10 03 21 027

You know who, posing with her camera.

10 03 21 029

Vesta Irene in a Bikini Circa 1965

My closing photo of the day is of The Prettiest Seventeen-Year-Old Girl in America or maybe in all of 1964.

And is that a hot bikini or what? Also, I probably should have photoshopped out that person in the background, but he, or she, was just so gosh darned interesting that I couldn’t do it.

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