Walkabout, Day 20 — March 20, 2018

10 03 20 001

When we left the house to go walkabout, we originally planned on going to the Sparks Marina and doing their two mile course around the water there. But it was pretty breezy and there isn’t a lotta trees to shield you from the wind as you walk, so we changed direction and headed to Virginia Lake, where there are plenty of trees, big ones.

And as you can see from this photo, it was pretty overcast and it was kinda chilly too.

10 03 20 002

No so many people out and about around the lake. That’s because they’re mostly inside, cozy warm.

10 03 20 003

The same photo as above, only in black and white.

10 03 20 004

10 03 20 006

10 03 20 007

Caught her looking.

10 03 20 008

Here is Alison, who we met walking around the lake. When I asked her name, she spelled it out for me, because there are a few ways to spell it. She spells it the Elvis Costello way. You know, in the song that goes, “Alison, I know this world is killing you. Oh, Alison, my aim is true.”

That’s a great song. Linda Ronstadt did it too, just as well.

10 03 20 009

10 03 20 010

10 03 20 012

We always say we’re going to bring bread to feed the birds, so we can get a couple bird shots, but since we don’t eat bread, we never do. Because if we don’t buy it for ourselves, we’ll be darned if were gonna by it for the birds.

But when we got to the park, we parked in the parking lot in front of a picnic table, which was covered in bread. And apparently the bread leaving person had just left, because the birds hadn’t discovered it yet, so we stole a couple slices to feed the birds along our walk.

But it was cold and Vesta couldn’t put her bread holding hand in her pocket, so as soon as saw some seagulls, she started throwing pieces in the air.

In this photo, this girl is swooping down on one of those pieces. She was pretty quick, cuz she got it. I say pretty quick, because she wasn’t the only gull after it.

10 03 20 011

This guy wasn’t quick enough.

10 03 20 013

10 03 20 014

10 03 20 015

10 03 20 016

10 03 20 017

10 03 20 018a


10 03 20 019

This is a little playground across the street at the southern end of the lake.

10 03 20 020

Two geese who didn’t like us very much, because we didn’t have an bread.

10 03 20 021

I hardly ever take photographs, but Vesta does, a lot.

10 03 20 022

10 03 20 023

Here is Matt, who Vesta and I met as he was hanging upside down. When I asked him why he does it, he said it helps him decompress after working all day. I guess I can understand that. We walk, he hangs, to each his or her own.

10 03 20 024

And this is what Matt looks like when he’s not hanging upside down.

10 03 20 026

Here is Tori. She works with Matt and came along with him this evening to watch him hang.

10 03 20 027

Here are Roxy and Diego, who Vesta and I met after we’d been around the lake one and a half times. They’re happily married and like us, they see the benefits of walking. And they have great smiles.

10 03 20 028

10 03 20 029

10 03 20 030

10 03 20 031

10 03 20 032

A few words about the hat. Devon bought this for me at a garage sale in Medford, Oregon for a dime. And, boy or boy, is it ever a great ten cent hat. But as a rule, I’m not a hat wearing person. Well, every now and then I wear a Yankee’s baseball cap or a Nevada Wolf Pack one, but really not all that much.

Then the other day, when we were walking along the Riverwalk, this guy came by us smiling and he doffed his hat as we said hello.

“You need a hat, Ken. So you can do that too.”

“Why would I wanna doff my hat at passersby.”

“Cuz it’s way cool.”

So there you are, Now I’m a ten cent hat wearer and a doffer too.

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