Walkabout, Day 19 — March 19, 2018

18 03 19 01

Today was Monday and on a lotta Mondays, not all of them, but two or three out of every month, we fast. That means no food or drink other than water. However, I did start this one off with a cup of coffee.

And on our Monday fast days, my get up and go gets up and leaves around noon. Which is okay if we go to the movies, not much energy needed for that. But we didn’t, because we were a little behind, so that meant we were on our computers, processing photos. That might seem like it doesn’t take much energy, but try doing it when your stomach is screaming and you’ll see that it does.

We quit at 3:00, took a nap, then headed downtown for our walk. Tonight we were going to walk from downtown to Idlewild Park and back. We we did that on our last Fast Monday and I almost passed out in the park, cuz I had no energy and I was really hungry.

But, because of the nap, I didn’t poop out till about a block before we got to our car. Vesta, on the other had, didn’t poop out at all. So it was a good thing she was driving. And because she drove on the way to downtown as well, I was able to make this photo from through our car’s front window as we were on the way.

18 03 19 02

When you walk the same trail, taking photos along the way, each time out on it presents a different challenge, because we have to find stuff we hadn’t photographed before. The people are easy, the scenery not so much.

This is the first time I’ve photograph this juniper bush. So, so far I’m good to go.

18 03 19 03

Vesta noticed this snow was layered, almost like geologic layers you see in canyons, so she photographed it.

18 03 19 04

Here are Kelly and TJ who we met on the Riverwalk on our way to Idlewild Park. I told TJ that he looks like a character out of a Star Wars movie and not one of the good guys. Then Kelly told me she hasn’t seen any of those movies. I was shocked. Vesta was too. But still, we understand that not everybody in the world is a fan.

18 03 19 05

This is a giant pine on the Riverwalk, near the Keystone Bridge. I’ve photographed it before, but never from this angle.

18 03 19 06

Here’s Brian, a runner who we met on the Riverwalk. We never stop runners when they’re running, but Brian was fair game for this project, because he walking, catching his breath, when we came upon him.

18 03 19 07

Meet Weslyn and Zatrick, who we also met on the Riverwalk, near the Keystone Bridge. I just love his hat and I’m gonna start looking, because I’d look really cool in a hat like that. Also, I asked them if they were married as I handed them our card.

“No.” Zatrick looked at the card. “Wedding Photographers.”

“That’s us,” I said. “If you’re thinking about getting married, we’re the ones you wanna call.” 

They laughed. We did too. Then I said, “It could happen, you never know.”

And everybody laugh some more.

“Really, do you always have to ask that?" Vesta said as we were walking away.

“Sorry, I can’t help myself."

18 03 19 08

I’ve photographed a lot of the big homes on the opposite side of the river, but never this one. It’s awfully big and I’m wondering if more than two people live in it. I hope so and I hope they have a lotta kids who enjoy it.

18 03 19 09

Here Vesta is standing in front of the Keystone Bridge, you can see the bridge’s shadow behind her. I cropped the bridge out of the picture, because it’s not so pretty. I kept Vesta in it, cuz she is.

18 03 19 10

I’m not exactly pooped out, but I thought I’d sit for a few minutes, while Vesta took some photos, because I hadn’t had anything to eat in like twenty four hours. So while I was sitting there, forlorn and hungery, Vesta took my picture. She often does that when I’m least expecting it.

18 03 19 11

“Gotcha,” she said.

I looked up.

Then I took her picture too.

18 03 19 12

When I was a kid, I rode my Schwinn Continental all over heck and gone. And most of the roads I rode on were covered in cars and none of ‘em killed me. So I do my best to share the road. I yield for bikes. Everybody should.

18 03 19 13

Sadly, not every dog walker reads this sign and some who do, ignore it. Don’t get me wrong, I understand picking up your dog’s poop isn’t very pleasant. But stepping in it isn’t very pleasant either.

18 03 19 14

Apparently this tree just fell down. Kinda sad.

18 03 19 15

“That’s a gorgeous tree,” I said. “Too bad that ugly bridge is in front of it, ruining any picture I could take.”

“What do you mean?” Vesta said.

“Every time I see it, I wanna photograph it, but I can’t, cuz of the bridge. It’s too bad.”

“Why don’t you walk under the bridge and photograph it from the other side?”

“Duh. I never thought of that.”

She shook her head and laughed.

18 03 19 16

This is a photograph of the Booth Street Bridge. That’s it, behind the trees and that other growing stuff.

18 03 19 17

The tree in front has a faux pink rose tied onto the trunk. I don’t know why, but it did. So, I photograph it, both shooting wide in the above photo and getting closer and not so wide in the photo below.

18 03 19 18

18 03 19 19

18 03 19 20

Here Vesta photographed me again, when I was busy photographing something else, like the photographs below.

18 03 19 21

18 03 19 22

18 03 19 23

18 03 19 25

Like me, Vesta really likes black and white.

18 03 19 26a

18 03 19 27

Here is Vesta at Idlewild Park. She’s standing on some pretty narrow train tracks. They have or had, I don’t know if it still runs, a kiddie train. We took Devon on it when he was three. It was pretty neat then and if it still runs, it’s pretty neat now. If it doesn’t run anymore, than that’s too bad.

18 03 19 29

18 03 19 28

18 03 19 24

18 03 19 30

18 03 19 31

Vesta saw a rock with a painting on it by the river, so she went on down to photograph it.

18 03 19 32

Here’s her photograph of that rock and below she took a close up.

18 03 19 33

Sundown in the Parkb

It was getting late and we were losing the light, so it was time to walk the mile back to our car. A walk I was up for, because like last week on our fast day, I still had plenty of energy left. And as I said above, I didn’t poop out till just before we got to the car.

It is so much easier to take a long walk, when you’re not thinking about food with every step you take.

18 03 19 35

18 03 19 36

Vesta took this photograph of some of the transformers at the electric plant across the street from the park.

18 03 19 37

And lastly, for my closing photo of the day, I’m using a sepia toned version of the photograph Vesta did of me above. Do I look hungry. I was?

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