Walkabout, Day 18 — March 18, 2018

18 03 18 001

Vesta directed me into this pose and I’ll admit I thought it was pretty stupid at the time, but I really like the picture, so I guess she knew what she was doing and it wasn’t so stupid after all. The picture was made in San Rafael Park, where we spent a good part of our Sunday. We walked the park and took quite a few photographs while we were there.

We started by photographing two dinosaur eggs in the snow, then their T-Rex mama. Yep we photographed a T-Rex along with a Pit Bull, three ducks, a monster-sized cat, ten humans and of course a couple pictures of ourselves, not to mention some photos of the gorgeous park itself.

18 03 18 002

“Look, Ken,” Vesta said, “dinosaur eggs.”

18 03 18 003

“I see ‘em.” I turned, checking for danger and sure enough, I saw the mother, a fierce looking Tyrannosaurus Rex, lumbering through the snow. “Quick! Behind the tree, before she sees us.”

18 03 18 004

We dodged behind a tree, then I poked my head out and photographed the dinosaur.

18 03 18 005

Dinosaur photographed and the danger past, we met and photographed Lizzy and Bryan, who are getting married soon and we took their engagement photographs in the snow.

18 03 18 006

18 03 18 007

Lizzy and Bryan brought along their doggie pal Kap for the photo session. Kap is named after Colin Kaepernick, the football player, and he’s really a sweetheart, as you can see in the above photo.

18 03 18 008

I asked Kap to pose for a photograph and this is the look he gave me. Does he look hungry? Is it possible that I look like dinner? No.

18 03 18 009

It’s still plenty cold out. Cold enough for icicles.

18 03 18 010

As you can see, she’s plenty glad we got through that dinosaur incident in one piece and that Kap didn’t eat me.

18 03 18 011

After we said goodbye to Lizzy and Bryan, we took a brisk walk in the park, then at Noon, straight up, we met Jennette and Josh and made did their engagement photos. Our second engagement session of the day, one to go. That’s right, this was a three engagement session Sunday.

18 03 18 012a

18 03 18 013

18 03 18 014

After we shook hands with Jennette and Josh and said goodbye, we took a short walkabout and made a couple photographs, but before we did that, I took this photograph of Vesta, which I really like.

18 03 18 015

A couple trees in the park.

18 03 18 016

More trees in the park.

18 03 18 017

We got home in time for a late lunch, so late that we agreed to pass on dinner. What do you call a lunch like that? You call a late Sunday Breakfast “Brunch,” so would a late lunch before dinner be called “Linner?” That sounds okay to me.

So after Linner, we met Felicia and John, who came by our house to have their engagement photos made. We did a few studio type shots like the one above and then it was back to the park for us for more photographs.

18 03 18 018

Felicia and John have a gorgeous, well mannered child named Ethan and he’s just a gem of a kid. Not only is he happy as all get out, he looks at the camera a lot, so making photographs of him is not only fun, it’s easy as peasy.

18 03 18 019

18 03 18 020

18 03 18 021

John’s mom, Dru came along for the engagement session and though she’s not engaged, we have this Walkabout Project and nobody’s immune, so here’s Dru, holding Ethan while I made the photograph below.

18 03 18 022

And here is the happy couple. She’s gonna be a beautiful bride and he’s gonna be a handsome groom.

18 03 18 023

18 03 18 024

See that sign? It says, “No swimming or wading,” but I guess those foreign ducks behind it can’t read English. I say foreign, because we’ve never seen ducks like this in our park before, so I’m guessing they’re from Canada, maybe they’re back on their way north, but they got caught by the bad weather and stopped by to wait it out.

And, if they’re from Canada, they must be from the French part, because as I said above, they obviously can’t read English.

18 03 18 026

And here’s a closeup of those French Canadian ducks. Well, maybe they’re not from Quebec, but they could be, you never know. It’s possible.

18 03 18 025

This girl, though, is an American duck. How do I know? Well, she can read English. How do I know that? It’s plain as day, she’s not swimming. See, flawless logic.

18 03 18 027

A Tree Reflected.

18 03 18 028

A Lady On a Bridge.

18 03 18 029

18 03 18 030

18 03 18 031

18 03 18 032

18 03 18 033

We were about to head on home, when we saw this across the lake. And this is Farley, one very big cat. So we had to walk around the lake to meet him.

Farley’s people, Anna and John, were in the park with him on this chilly evening, because they were taking him out for his birthday walk. Yep, it was Farley’s birthday. And Anna said she’d even made him a cake, but I’m guessing Anna and John will be the ones eating it.

18 03 18 034

And here are Anna, John and Farley the cat. Anna and John look happy as all get out, but Farley’s looking pretty serious.

18 03 18 035

Here’s Vesta, looking small next to those big trees. Sometimes it takes a photograph like this to remind us of just how small we all are in the grand scheme of things. We’re here for such a short time and we’re so tiny in the great big world, much smaller when you consider the universe.

It’s good, I think, to keep that in mind. It helps to keep you centered, helps to make you see what’s really important. And oftentimes it’s hard to see what’s meaningful and important. Sometimes we have to look beyond ourselves, but where do we look? I don’t know. But I know where we don’t look and that’s at the television.

18 03 18 036

Keeping with the we’re all small in the great big universe theme, my closing photo, which I’ve gone back to the Caribbean for, is of me, looking small under that great big boat.

And that great big boat is a classic race boat, built by Charlie Morgan. It was called Cayenne when we got it, but we renamed her Great White Wonder. Here, she’s on the hard at the IMS Shipyard in Trinidad. It took us a year to refit her and make her ready for only two people to sail.

But we did it.

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