150 Days of Flowers

Moth Orchaid White

Just about everyday, Vesta and I take a walk. We take our cameras with us, cuz well, it’d be dumb not to. For us anyway. But a lotta days I don’t take any pictures. For one, everything’s just about the same on our walk. And for two, how may photos can I post of the Virginia Street Bridge or the Truckee River, before everybody tunes me out or before I drown myself.

I was mentioning this to Vesta as we were walking when she said, “Stop whining and take a picture of something different.”

“Like what?”

“How about that flower?” And she pointed to a flower.

“Okay, I took the picture.”

“You like projects. Start another one.”

So here goes, I’m going to try and take a pretty flower picture everyday, till winter starts again, which I figure is in about 150 days.

And maybe by the time I finish this project, I’ll have learned something about flowers. It couldn’t hurt.

Red Spider Gerbera Daisy

It is April 2, 2017 as I’m writing this, so my quick math tells me this project will run through to the end of August 2017. Which is a good number of days for a project, which forces me to admit that maybe 1001 days, like we’re doing with our Days of Faces project, might be a little long.

On the plus side, we’ve made a lotta friends doing our faces and that’s pretty cool.

Still, photographs of flowers can be cool too and we’re going to do our very best to make the flower photographs as good as can be.


I’m going to be posting these 150 Days of Flowers photos in groups of ten. If you click on the photographic links below, each one will take you to a page with ten flowers on it, waiting to be viewed.

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