Flowers, Days 21-30 


Flowers Day 21, by Ken Douglas

Day 21 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Twenty-Nine to Go.

This is some kind of cactus flower which Vesta and I found out in the Southern California high desert. We were out flower hunting, when I saw this one almost in bloom. There were a lot of others, but this one called to me, plus it was bright and sunny out and a large cactus was shading this one.

So, I gingerly made my way over. Gingerly, cuz I didn’t want to step on any of the prickly thorns in my Chucks, because it looked like they could go right through. Fortunately, I was able to get close, but when I bent low to take the photograph, someone, and there was only other someone with me, said, “Watch out for the snakes.”

“Snakes!” I straightened up, like I’d been scalded and backed on outta there at twice the speed of light. “What snakes?”

“There’s holes in the ground,” she said. “Snakes live in those.”

“You said, ”THE Snakes!” I glared at her. “That means you saw snakes."

“No, I meant you should watch out, just in case.”

“THE snakes. THE snakes. You said, THE.” I doubled down with my glare. “I almost shit my pants.”

“Sorry.” She was laughing.

Flowers Day 22, by Ken Douglas

Day 22 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Twenty-Eight to Go.

Vesta and I found these pink flowers blooming on an Adams Crabapple tree. I know it was an Adams Crabapple tree, because it was in San Rafael Park and there was a sign in front of the tree, which is from Asia. I don’t know where in Asia, cuz it was a little sign and I guess they didn’t have enough room on it. Or maybe it’s from all over Asia.

Anyway, they're pretty flowers.

Funny, now that I’m doing these flower pictures, I’m seeing them all over the place. They’re everywhere. Just everywhere. No matter where you look, if you’re outside, you can see flowers. I never noticed before, but I’m noticing now.

Flowers Day 23, by Ken Douglas

Day 23 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Twenty-Seven to Go.

This is a Parrot Tulip which Vesta spotted at in a front yard on the corner of 1st and Bell as we were walking toward the Riverwalk in Downtown Reno. And I’m guessing the blurry dwarf lawn art in the background is Dopey, cuz he looks kinda dopey.

When we got to the Riverwalk, we found it peopled to the max, with smiling, happy folks all headed to Idlewild Park for the Earth Day celebrations going on there.

The had a lotta booths there, with venders selling art and clothes and jewelry and lots of other stuff and there were food booths with kettle corn and ice cream and hot dogs and ice cream and burgers and ice cream.

And I saw a man and his daughter with one of those ice cream bars that’s dipped in hot chocolate and boy did it ever look good.

“I think I’ll go off the diet and get one of those,” I said.

“I’m so sorry,” Vesta said, “but I left my purse in the car.”

“HUH!” I gave her a glare. “IN THE CAR.”

“We could go get it.”


“So I guess you’re not going off your diet after all.”

“I want a new wife.”

Flowers Day 24, by Ken Douglas

Day 24 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Twenty-Six to Go.

I’m pretty sure this is a Dazzling Desire Tulip and it’s another flower Vesta and I have found on our nightly walk along Reno’s Riverwalk.

You know, now that I’ve started this project, I just wanna photograph every flower I see, especially the ones like tulips, which don’t hang around very long. They’re here, then a few days later, they’re gone. And it’s like if someone doesn’t photograph them, it’s like they never existed.

Of course, I suppose you could apply that logic to flies and ants and beetles too and I don’t go around photographing them. But butterflies maybe.

Flowers Day 25, by Ken Douglas

Day 25 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Twenty-Five to Go.

This is a Double Snapdragon, which Vesta and I met at the Moana Nursery. Again (we actually go there a lot) we went to Ben’s Liquor for a couple bottles of wine and since the nursery is right across the street, we went there, because I wanted to maybe photograph something we don’t see on our morning or evening walks.

And this Snapdragon, it really snaps. I know this, cuz this mean woman I was with, took her thumb and forefinger and made it snap and, you know, she really looked like she wanted to eat something. Or maybe she was just pissed off at Vesta for squeezing her.

Flowers Day 26, by Ken Douglas

Day 26 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Twenty-Four to Go.

This is an English Daisy and boy oh boy does it ever have me confused, because it looks nothing like the Daisies I grew up with in Lakewood, California. I doesn’t look a bit like a good old fashioned American Daisy.

Well, maybe they’re distant cousins. Or maybe one of ‘em was adopted way back when, I don’t know. And that’s not all I don’t know about this flower business. I’m sure there is some common thing that makes Daisies, Daisies, I just don’t know what it is.

However, I do know these are ones are very pretty.

Flowers Day 27, by Ken Douglas

Day 27 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Twenty-Three to Go.

Vesta and I spied these dandelions growing in the grass by the road which goes through San Rafael Park. We were actually flower hunting for this project, looking for something a little exotic and the park has flowers from all over the world growing there.

But then it was like lightning hit both of us at the same time. Dandelions are flowers too. Really, some think they’re just weeds and not good for anything, but that’s not true. Fields of them are beautiful. They’re the favorite food of bees and the good Lord and all of us know the bees are in trouble, so dandelions are really good little flowers, not just plan ordinary bad guy weeds like you mighta thought.

And some folks can make pretty good wine from ‘em.

I bet it takes a lotta dandelions to make a glass of wine.

Flowers Day 28, by Ken Douglas

Day 28 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Twenty-Two to Go.

This pretty little purple flower is a Phlox Blue Moon and she is another flower Vesta and I found at the Nursery on Moana. We held her in reserve, just in case we had to go on the road suddenly or in case we got sick and couldn’t go out.

Fortunately, we’re not sick. We’re just going to Oregon for a day to see Devon. We’re gonna go garage sailing, eat stuff we’re not supposed to, watch movies and take photograph’s in Ashland’s Lythia Park.

Back on Sunday night.

Flowers Day 29, by Ken Douglas

Day 29 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Twenty-One to Go.

Here is a pincushion flower, so called, I suppose, because it resembles a pincushion. Actually, it’s a Scabiosas Pincushion and according to one of the articles Google led me to, there are two kinds of these flowers, Annual and Perennial. Annual flowers have to be re-planted year after year and Perennials you planted once and they come back year after year automatically.

I didn’t know this about flowers till I read this article and now that I have, I’m thinking that if I was gonna grow flowers in a garden, I’d only plant the perennial kind, but that’s me.

Also, I learned that butterflies really love these flowers, so if you want them hanging around your garden, then these flowers might be what you wanna plant. They look cool and they attract butterflies. What not to like about that?

Flowers Day 30, by Ken Douglas

Day 30 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Twenty to Go.

This pretty pink flower is an Eastern Flowering Dogwood, better known as Cornus Florida. I know this, cuz after I made this photograph on Main Street in Ashland, Oregon as VestaDevon, Mike and Maggie and I were strolling along toward Lythia Park, I ran into another tree exactly like the one this flower was on in the park, with a whole bunch of flowers just like this one and it had a sign by it, saying what it was.

So, that’s how I know and now you know too.

You know, after about a week into this project I didn’t think I’d be able to finish, because I didn’t think I’d ever be able to find a hundred and fifty different kinds of flowers, but now I know there are zillions of different kinds of flowers. A hundred and fifty would barely scratch the surface. Who knew?

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