Flowers, Days 11-20

Day 11 of Flowers, by Ken Douglas

Day 11 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Thirty-Nine to Go.

Vesta and I found this primrose, in a flower pot, on a bench, with some other little flowers, also in flower pots, in the front lawn of a house on the Strand, as we were walking to San Rafael Park yesterday evening, which is nine minutes, by foot from where we live.

And how do I know it’s a primrose, me a guy who knows nothing about flowers? Google, that’s how. I just found out all you gotta do is open the Chrome web browser, go to Google, click on Images and drag your image into the search engine and PRESTO, other images, like yours show up. And so does any info Google might know about your image.

Try it. Open Chrome and drag this image into it and you’ll see I’m telling you true, not only about what Google and Chrome know about everything, but that this is a primrose.

Who knew you could do that?

Flowers Day 12, by Ken Douglas

Day 12 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Thirty-Eight to Go.

Vesta and I found these Johnny Jump Ups growing out of the side of a brick retaining wall (I think that’s what the call these short brick fences around the front lawn of a house on a slight hill, you know so the front yard can be level and not on a slope).

Johnny Jump Ups are violas, native to the Pyrennes Mountains in Spain. They’re small and apparently very hearty, cuz these guys grew right through that brick wall.

PS. I’ll admit without Google, I wouldn’t have a clue about Johnny Jump Ups or violas. Not a clue. Right now, ten days into this project, I know nada about flowers, but I’m betting I’ll know a lot more by the time I finish.

Flowers Day 13, by Ken Douglas

Day 13 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Thirty-Seven to Go.

Here is the tulip in our front yard. I posted this flower on Day 7, when it was still closed and covered in dew. It’s open now and according to Vesta it’s gonna be gorgeous like this for a week or two, then we’re gonna have to wait for a year to see her again.

That hardly seems fair.

Flowers Day 14, by Ken Douglas

Day 14 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Thirty-Six to Go.

This is a Zinnia, which Vesta and I met as we were walking down Ralston on our afternoon walk. We walk a lot, Vesta and me. In the mornings at sunrise downtown, unless the weather sucks. In the afternoons, down Ralston to a little park I don’t know the name of, through it and up Washington to the Strand, then to our house. And in the evenings we walk in San Rafael Park or to UNR and through the campus and back.

Somedays, we just do one of the walks. Somedays, two. And somedays we do all three. And we see a lotta flowers along the way. I just never paid attention before.

Flowers Day 15, by Ken Douglas

Day 15 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Thirty-Five to Go.

Here is a white moth orchid, which Vesta and I met yesterday.

Every now and then, we like to change up our walk. So yesterday afternoon, we drove on down to Virginia Lake, which is an artificial lake behind the Peppermill Casino on Lakeside Drive. It’s pretty and the walking track around the lake is exactly one mile. We usually go around twice. We take our time and talk to the people and the ducks we encounter along the way.

After our walk, we drove to Ben’s on Lakeside and Moana to get a bottle of wine and after we left there I turned left on Moana toward Virginia, cuz Vesta likes it when we drive up Virginia toward home, cuz we go under the Reno Sign and it seems she can never get enough of going under that sign. It delights her every time.

And right after I made the turn, I spotted the Moana Nursery. Who knew there was a nursery there? Anyway, I drove right into the parking lot.

“What are you doing?” Vesta said.

“It’s a nursery. They got flowers in there.” I parked, grabbed my camera and got outta the car. And I do believe this was the first time, I have ever been in a nursery and they do indeed have flowers in there.

“Look at this place.” If I was a real flower person, I’d’a been in flower heaven. But I’m not a flower person and I wasn’t in flower heaven. But I did take a couple pictures. I think I coulda filled up my whole hundred and fifty days in there, but that would take all of the fun outta the project, but I photographed this moth orchid and a couple other interesting flowers.

Then we went home and I smiled as we drove under the Reno sign and Vesta took about her billionth picture of it.

Flowers Day 16, by Ken Douglas

Day 16 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Thirty-Four to Go.

Vesta and I made seven or eight photographs at the Nursery on Moana the other day and these three red Anthuriums were in one of ‘em. They’re gorgeous flowers and we’ve seen them in Hawaii and even in the Caribbean, but I can’t recall ever seeing one growing up here, you know in Reno.

Maybe they do grow here, I’ve just never happened across one and this one was growing inside where it was nice and warm and if you google it (I did) you’ll see that they’re tropical flowers. And they’re expensive, I know, cuz I saw online that this one company will sell you thirty of ‘em for your “Event” for $169.

A HUNDRED AND SIXTY-NINE DOLLARS FOR THIRTY FLOWERS. And you gotta pay shipping too? Sheesh, who knew?

There’s a lotta money in the flower business. Still, they are pretty.

Flowers Day 17, by Ken Douglas

Day 17 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Thirty-Three to Go.

Here is another anthurium (I posted three yesterday). This one is brown and it was growing next to it’s red cousins when I photographed it. As I said yesterday, it’s a tropical flower and if you wanna buy them in Reno, they’re quite pricy.

It almost feels a little bit like cheating, photographing a flower in a nursery, but it’s a way to photograph some that I won’t find growing anywhere. Plus, I’m still learning a bit about flowers, even though Vesta and I didn’t have to wander Reno’s mean streets looking for this one.

Flowers Day 18, by Ken Douglas

Day 18 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Thirty-Two to Go.

This little cactus is another flower, if you can call it a flower, Vesta and I photographed at that nursery on Moana in Reno. I’m posting a nursery photograph this morning and I suppose I’ll post another one tomorrow, cuz Vesta and I are far away from Reno right now.

This little guy was pretty as all get out, so I photographed it. I probably should have read something about it on the little info card they have by the flowers there, but I didn’t, because I’d never planned on using the photograph.

But here I’m using it now, cuz I just love the photograph and because it’s dark out and we were on the road all day yesterday and Vesta's still in bed, cuz of the long day yesterday and I don’t wanna go out alone and I have the photograph on my laptop.

Still, despite all of the above, you have to admit, this is a pretty little cactus. I think so anyway.

Flowers Day 19, by Ken Douglas

Day 19 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Thirty-One to Go.

A flower by any other name… Yes this is a Rose and it’s another photograph from the nursery on Moana. Roses aren’t blooming for real in Reno yet and I know this because we have them in our front yard and there are no flowers in our rose bushes, only thorns. But I’m betting they’ll be coming soon, cuz it’s warming up.

We’re, still in sunny Southern California, but we’ll be back tomorrow and come sunrise, we’ll be flower hunting in Reno once again.

Flowers Day 20, by Ken Douglas

Day 20 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Thirty-One to Go.

This little flower is a desert dandelion and there are billions of these blooming now in the California desert. Vesta and I know this, cuz after driving though acres and acres and acres of ‘em, Vesta finally said, “You know, you could stop and photograph one of the zillions of dandelions we’ve been driving past and it could be one of your flowers.

“Duh.” I smacked myself in the side of the head. “How come I didn’t think of that.” Then I pulled over and photographed this little flower and here she is.

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