Flowers, Days 1-10


Flower Day 1

Day 1 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Forty-Nine to Go.

Just about everyday, Vesta and I take a walk. We take our cameras with us, cuz well, it’d be dumb not to. For us anyway. But a lotta days I don’t take any pictures. For one, everything’s just about the same on our walk. And for two, how may photos can I post of the Virginia Street Bridge or the Truckee River, before everybody tunes me out or before I drown myself.

I was mentioning this to Vesta as we were walking when she said, “Stop whining and take a picture of something different.”

“Like what?”

“How about that flower?” And she pointed to the flowers in my photograph. They were on a tree with a whole bunch of other flowers that looked the same.

“Okay, I took the picture.”

“You like projects. Start another one.”

So here goes. Day 1 of 150 Days of flowers. If you know anything about the flowers I post, you know, like what they're called. I’d appreciate it if you said so in the comments, cuz I know nothing about flowers. But I’m going to try and take a pretty flower picture everyday, till winter starts again, which I figure is in about 150 days.

And maybe by the time I finish this project, I’ll have learned something about flowers. It couldn’t hurt.

Flowers Day 2

Day 2 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Forty-Eight to Go.

Here are some red flowers Vesta and I saw at high noon on Ralston Street, as we were walking toward downtown. What they are, I don’t have a clue, but they’re gorgeous. I think so anyway.

And I like them because they’re red, which is Vesta’s favorite color. especially this shade of red.

Flowers Day 3

Day 3 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Forty-Seven to Go.

Vesta and I came across these flowers on a tree limb along Reno’s Riverwalk, just before 7:00 this morning. I must’ve taken twenty pictures of them, till I got one that was sharp and with decent composition.

It’s hard taking pictures of flowers. WHO KNEW? On occasion we’ve seen people in Idlewild and San Rafael parks with macro lenses on tripods taking picture of flowers and I’ve always thought, “Oh really. A tripod for a flower?”

But now I know why they take those tripods on those flower hunting photo safaris. When you get really close to a flower, the slightest movement on your part, like breathing, is a big deal and can throw the flowers outta focus.

Plus, they’re as bad as babies and dogs when it comes to taking their picture. THEY DON’T STAY STILL. Well, to the human eye, they might not be moving. But get right next to ‘em with your lens in even the slightest breeze and they seem to be dancing.

Oh sure, I could not blur out the background and just shoot at a really fast shutter speed and be done with it. But I’m thinking my flower subjects deserve to be shown of in their best light, just like my human ones.

Anyway, I don’t know what these flowers are called, so if you wanna tell me in the comments below, I’ll love you forever.

Flowers, Day 4

Day 4 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Forty-Six to Go.

After we photographed our face for this morning, Vesta and I wandered around downtown Reno for about fifteen or twenty minutes, before starting our walk along the Riverwalk to Idlewild Park, where we were gonna look for a flower for today.

But as we were walking down the alley behind St. Thomas Aquinas we saw this bush in the church’s peace garden, which had these yellow flowers on it. I don’t know the name of the flower or the bush, but

Flowers, Day 5

Day 5 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Forty-Five to Go.

Vesta and I found this daffodil in Idlewild park at about 7:00 this morning. I didn’t know it was a
daffodil, but Vesta said it was, so this is one we know.

The part of the Riverwalk which goes through the park is called the Crooked Mile and it’s officially closed, cuz they’re repaving it. But two months to repave a mile, sorry park repair people, we’re going past your don’t go in here signs.

We have ignored the signs and the people doing the repairs have ignored us. So in the morning, we basically have the place all to ourselves, well sometimes we see the park repair folks. It’s kinda eerie, cuz the joggers and walkers are gone. Just me and Vesta and the birds and the bees and lots of water, cuz the river’s running high and overflowing into parts of the park.

And actually, it looks like the river’s getting ready to overflow into downtown this weekend, cuz they got almost sixty feet of snow that’s melting and coming down our way.


Flowers, Day 6

Day 6 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Forty-Four to Go.

Vesta and I met this iris at the entrance to the Crooked Mile, which is where Reno’s Riverwalk goes into Idlewild Park, which is about a mile from our bridge. It’s the first one of the season in the park, so maybe it’s not the prettiest iris ever photographed, but it’s the only one in Idlewild. Well, for today anyway.

As for this flower photographing business, it’s going to be a much harder project than I thought. But I started it, so I’m going to finish it and maybe I’ll learn a thing or two about flowers. It couldn’t hurt, you know, learning something about something you’ve had absolutely no interest in your whole life.

As for this iris, it sorta looks like a swooping, flying hungry thing that’s hell bent on destruction. If I saw one of these things, which was maybe six or ten feet tall, towering above me, I’d run.

Flowers, Day 7

Day 7 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Forty-Three to Go.

It was wet, cold and damp to the bone when we got downtown this morning and I wasn’t wearing a jacket, cuz I wasn’t thinking. Therefore walking to Idlewild Park to look for a flower was out of the question. So after we found our face for today and made a few photographs downtown, we set out flower hunting from the car.

And we weren’t finding any.

“How about the tulip in our front yard,” Vesta said.

“That’s got my vote.” I said and we headed home.

This tulip opened up yesterday and I’d completely forgotten about it, but thankfully Vesta’s memory is better than mine, cuz it woulda been ashamed not to have photographed it for this project.

Flowers, Day 8

Day 8 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Forty-Two to Go.

These are cherry blossoms and I know this for sure, cuz last year this tree had cherries on it. And I know they were cherries, cuz not only did they look like cherries, they tasted like ‘em too. In fact, we got so many cherries off this tree that Vesta made lots of cherry cobblers, good they were too.

One day, Vesta saw this homeless guy picking cherries off her tree, so she called out to him from through the window, “Hey, do you want some more?” The guy said, “Sure,” and she took a bowl full of cherries outta the fridge and went out and gave them too him.

“That was nice,” I said, “but I’m gonna miss that bowl.”

“He’ll bring it back.”

And sure enough, the next day it showed up on our porch.

Flowers, Day 9

Day 9 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Forty-One to Go.

I don’t know what this flower is called. Vesta and I came across her on a tree on the western side of the Quad at UNR. She looks like she’s coming to the end of her short life and I suppose I coulda passed her by, cuz they had prettier flowers there, young and vibrant. But there was just something about this one that begged to be photographed.

Flowers, Day 10

Day 10 of 150 Days of Flowers, One Hundred and Forty-One to Go.

Vesta tells me this is a Hyacinth, which is a name I know, not cuz it’s a flower, but because years ago, when we lived in New Zealand, we used to watch a British TV show called ‘Keeping Up Appearances.” It was a great show about the Buckets, a middle class family.

Hyacinth Bucket spent every show, “Keeping Up Appearances,” pretending her family was better off then they were, even pronouncing her last name as “Bouquet.” She was a name dropper extroidinaire and everybody she knew, from her vicar to her next door neighbors, went out of their way to avoid her, but of course she never noticed.

If you ever get a chance to see the show, they show it on PBS sometimes in the States, you should, it’s very funny.

Anyway, that’s how I know the name “Hyacinth.” This hyacinth however, I didn’t see on TV. We came across her yesterday evening as we were walking through the UNR campus. We’re lucky we live so close to the college, cuz it’s gorgeous and oftentimes, when we don’t get in a morning walk because it’s too cold, we’ll walk to and through the university around sundown.

Sunrise and sundown, those are great times to walk, because most of the people you come across in those hours seem to be in a pretty good mood. Plus, those are the best times of the day for making pictures.

And now, it’s a quarter to 6:00, we’re going to head downtown for our morning face of the day, and maybe, if it’s not too cold out, a morning walk.

See you on the other side.

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