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Hello, thanks for stopping by our website. We are Ken and Vesta of Ken and Vesta Photography and firstly, if you’re reading this because we gave you our card after we so rudely stopped you on the street or in a store or park or somewhere else today or yesterday, all you have to do to get your photo is click or tap on the Other Photography link above and follow the instructions.

And for everybody else reading this, we are wedding photographers primarily, but we do other kinds of photography as well, like family photos, senior photos, graduation photos, portraits and headshots and real estate photos too. And like our card says, we have cameras and we will travel.

We have a lot to look at on our website and if you’re a bride, you can get a quick look at our wedding work by just scrolling down past the Chris Haberman painting of Ken to see a quick wedding portfolio. We usually have between two and three hundred photos there from a hundred or more weddings we’ve done and we change these pictures every month.

In addition to that, by clicking or tapping on our Weddings link above, you can check out fifty different weddings. We have between two and three hundred photos from each one. Likewise, if you click on the Engagement link. We also do real estate work, as we said above, and you can click on that link to see samples of our real estate photography. And you can see all the other kinds of photography we do, if you click on the Photography link.

Also, Ken’s a writer and some of his work can be seen on the Stories link. However, that part of our website is still under construction, but it’ll be finished someday soon, fingers crossed.

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